The Spencer Sisters – Episode 3 “The Coder’s Calamity” Recap & Review

The Coder’s Calamity

Episode 3 starts with Alastair gaming with Clark and Esme. Suddenly, he hears them getting attacked, and Clark rushes to see what’s happening.

In the meantime, Darby is trying to keep up with her mother, who wakes up singing. As she grabs aspirin, Darby accidentally breaks her mom’s face cream. She clears the mess before Victoria arrives and informs her that Alastair needs their investigation expertise. 

Victoria and Darby arrive at Clark’s house and introduce themselves as the Spencer Sisters, but Darby hurriedly corrects her. Esme still has ice on her forehead. Whoever attacked Esme stole the server for a healthcare app, which should go live in three days.

Victoria asks Clark why he didn’t call the police and claims they’re inefficient. Lee, Clark’s roommate and investor, arrives, and upon checking on the backup server, they find it missing. However, he immediately spots it in the pool. 

Victoria offers to help them, but Darby wants to discuss the fee first. Victoria says they should offer their expertise because they love it most. Darby takes pictures of Esme’s injuries and discovers a pepper mill, which she calls a weapon. 

Esme explains that when she heard the noise, she went to the kitchen to see what was happening. That’s when she got attacked by a man whom she didn’t recognise.

Victoria interrogates Lee about the app and discovers that users enter the data into Triage. They created a retinol scan for detecting Lyme disease and diabetes. Candy B, an internet influencer, eagerly awaits Lee to complete the app creation. 

The trio mentions Parker Dunn, another developer who is their competitor. The Spencer sisters attend a Tech Summit to interrogate him. According to Peter, his healthcare app is the best since it can connect users to specialists and denotes that Lee is an enemy.

Darby thinks there’s an intruder at home and arms herself with a vase. But it’s Rory who has visited to transform their new office. 

Esme sends a doorbell cam footage, but there’s nothing helpful to this case. However, they realise Candy B is going through Lee’s stuff. They learn she got hired by Parker Dunn to spy on Lee. 

The Spencer sisters constantly argue about boundaries, but it’s intriguing watching Victoria trying to stop an argument among the trio: Clark, Esme, and Lee. Lee had done a livestream about six months ago that revealed the home and app. This livestream earned the trolls that even threatened her. Alastair will text Jesse, one of the trolls.

Meanwhile, Victoria plans to have a launch party that Darby is unaware of. 

Jesse gets interviewed and discloses that he stopped trolling Esme after one comment that made Lee threaten him. After being confronted, Lee admits that he likes Esme but secretively. 

While Victoria is flirting with a bartender, she also learns that Lee has met Monica to discuss investing in the app. Victoria and Alastair discover that Lee lives a fake life where he has mastered photoshopping. Lee also admits to his family about losing their money. Darby isn’t happy that they haven’t solved the case though.

In the meantime, Antonio fetches a drink for Victoria, and Darby is infuriated to realise her mom invited Lindsay and Lucas to the party. After bickering, the Spencers evaluated the case and noted there could be a possibility that either Clark or Esme tried to sabotage the app launch.

Victoria and Alastair re-watch the footage and see Esme turning off the camera. Lucas also ratifies that Esme used a pepper grinder to self-inflict injuries. 

Clark is in denial that Esme could have sabotaged their app. However, Lee has a different opinion and believes Esme did so to save the app. They notice that Esme is meeting with Monica, and they must intercept before it’s too late. 

As the episode ends, Victoria crashes into their car while Darby switches the servers. Clark, Esme, and Lee agree to give it a second trial and communicate better. Surprisingly, the Spencer Sisters also agree to better their relationship, and Darby is fascinated by the new office. 

The Episode Review

After moving in with her mom, Darby and Victoria were bound to differ on some issues. Victoria is used to doing things her way and needs to remember to communicate with Darby. Of course, this triggers her daughter’s past trauma. 

Moving forward, Victoria needs to be more considerate towards Darby and stop messing with her love life. Although, we must admit the hunk doctor and Darby would make a perfect couple. Sadly, he is engaged, but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

It is also clear that Alistair likes Victoria. Won’t it be great if the two Spencer ladies found love?

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