The Spanish Princess – Episode 6 “A Polite Kidnapping” Recap & Review

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By now, if you’re not sold on The Spanish Princess’ premise and take on this Tudor story, you’re unlikely to be swayed. Although some of the story is a little melodramatic, for the most part STARZ’s latest period drama does well to keep things interesting and relatively true to the original tale. This episode is no exception, with a dramatic chapter that sees all the pieces begin to align.

We begin with Catherine writing to her Mother again after hearing nothing regarding her previous letter. She needs her dowry to be able to marry Harry which proves to the crux of drama for the episode ahead.

Back in the house, while Rosa despairs that she hasn’t heard back from Stafford, Catherine learns that her sister is in London – she’s now the Queen as their mother has passed away. Afer meeting with her, Catherine’s sister tells her about her Mother’s death but doesn’t stay for long as she hurries back to Castille to claim her crown.

While Lady Margaret continues to scheme, Harry informs Catherine that her father will not give them her dowry now that her sister is Queen and his wife is with God. With these new roadblocks standing in the way of them getting married, we cut back to Maggie who learns she has to pay more taxes. Desperate, she writes to the King, begging for mercy. As Maggie’s situation becomes dire, she receives a letter from the King, asking her to come to London.

Catherine then asks her sister for her dowry. In exchange, Catherine pledges that she will form an alliance with her against their father and her husband. As the wheels are set into motion, Joanna attempts to seduce Harry while Rosa mourns the loss of her baby.

Harry then tells Catherine that his Father will not fix his sister’s ship and let them go until Philip has convinced him to give them Edmond. Catherine decides to speak to her sister instead, believing she can convince her to exchange her sister’s freedom for her dowry. This leads Joanna to then go to the council meeting where she tells them that Maximilian will agree to the terms if they swear not to hurt Edmond when he returns to England.

The King’s mother then blackmails Maggie into telling everyone Catherine and Arthur is the true, rightful marriage. She refuses, having suffered enough at the hands of the Tudors. The episode then ends with Joanna revealing to Catherine that the deal has been made – Edmond will be returned and her son will be wed to Princess Mary.

Once again The Spanish Princess does a really good job spinning a web of political conspiracies and familial drama. With the focus squarely on Catherine and the balance of power ever-shifting, this period drama does well to keep things tense and dramatic throughout. It may border on melodramatic at times but The Spanish Princess has enough to it to make it highly enjoyable nonetheless, setting the scene nicely for the upcoming couple of episodes.


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