The Snow Girl – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 6

Miren is being questioned in 2019 by Belen and Chiparro over the Foster caravan burning down as episode 6 of The Snow Girl starts. She is connected to both of them and both are linked to Amaya’s disappearance.

They suspect Miren has killed them but do not have any evidence. They find articles posted online where they are shown to be in connivance and have snitched on the people connected to Slide. That is why they were killed. Miren did not shoot them and burn the caravan down. But she is suspected of clicking the photos and giving the appearance that the two paedophiles were working together.

Eduardo worries for Miren and proposes to come along to meet Iris. But she wishes to go alone. Ana and Alvaro do another television interview and are told mid-air about Foster and Luque. The press is now marking Miren as a possible suspect in Amaya’s disappearance, something that gets everyone worried and dubious about Miren.

She sleeps without picking up her phone and Eduardo picks her up. Belen warns Miren that if she is involved, she will bring Miren down not considering whatever happened to her in the past. Outside Sur’s office, Eduardo picks up Miren’s car as the press has crowded the place.

In the car, he finds a big lens camera and the photos, confirming that Miren had indeed posted those articles. He does not say anything about it to her and Miren knows this as well. Miren drives out to Iris’ house. She comes under the guise of doing a rural survey for a report and Iris ends up inviting her in.

Iris is visibly nervous; so is Miren, who spots a broken bicycle bought for small children. She volunteers to make coffee for Miren and tries to engage her in normal conversation. Miren too keeps up her part well, going through the brand of the recorder and seeing Santiago’s pictures.

Amaya is closed with Chispa in her room. But the dog is getting restless. She creates noises that Miren notices but pretends not to care about. Miren calmly asks Iris to bring the dog outside and when she goes to the room, Miren inspects the rest of the house.

Iris has been hiding a knife in her back the whole time but has not used it. The viewers know that she is capable of doing so and that is where the tension comes from. Miren pets the dog and takes Iris’ leave. She does not get a clear sight of Amaya but knows for sure she is in the house.

Miren drives clear of the house and then reinspects the photos from the video. She spots the hairband that Amaya is wearing. It is the same one that Iris is wearing on the day, confirming that she is in the house. Iris too realizes that the hairband was a mistake and starts packing bags.

Miren phones Belen about it but due to the network problem, she cannot communicate clearly. Miren hides her car behind a structure and waits for Iris and Amaya with her camera. Their van leaves late at night and Miren follows them. Belen calls Miren and asks her to stop but the reporter is determined.

Iris breaks down and comforts Amaya by asking her not to believe things the press will say about her mother. Ultimately, she spots Miren chasing her and decides to end things. If she cannot be with Amaya, no one can and drives her van off the road and through the barricade.

She lies unconscious and Amaya sits with her, crying and asking her to wake up. When Miren approaches, Amaya picks up the gun and shoots her but misses. Miren takes control and hugs Amaya to comfort her. They are brought to the hospital. The parents are alerted and breathe a sigh of relief. Eduardo tends to Miren, who was lucky the shot just graze the shoulder.

Iris’ body is bagged the next day and Chaparro also finds the camera in Miren’s car, which is still at the scene. But, to his surprise, there is no memory card on the camera. It is revealed that Eduardo had taken it out to protect Miren.

The two walk out scot-free and Miren goes back home with satisfaction in her heart. She takes down the wall of investigation and feels unburdened. She calls her mother and asks her to come home. Ana and Alvaro meet Amaya but she does not respond to that name. When they call her Julia, she looks at them and smiles, indicating that the parents will have to adjust to her new reality now.

Two years later, Miren narrates a chapter from her new book. She expresses that she has finally left behind the dark days of the trauma of the rape and escaped that cave to start afresh.

Her book is a success and Eduardo and her mother are there for support. As they are about to leave, Miren gets a package that reads “want to play?” and when she opens it, she sees a photo of her on the beach the day she was raped.

The Episode Review

This finale was worthy of being called one. It beautifully wrapped up the entire story – Amaya’s kidnapping – and also brought closure to Miren’s arc.

It redeemed her and freed her from the clutches of that trauma that she could not shrug off. The lines she reads are directly from the book the show is based on and put her arch into perspective for the viewers.

The ending even suggests the story might continue. It will be a new case for Miren and the police, although it might not have the same spirit. Iris’ death was just in its own sense. The woman clearly had mental issues but instead of living her life in jail and separated from Julia, she went out peacefully, not to go through that suffering.

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  1. The package doesn’t have a photo of Miren. It’s a different woman and the photo is dated 2012; Miren was assaulted before Amaya was kidnapped in 2010.

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