The Snow Girl – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Belen meets Miren outside the Luque house back in 2010 as The Snow Girl episode 3 starts. She requests the detective to not leave Amaya hanging like she did Miren. It is a damning statement that sets the record right for Belen and the rest of the department. Eduardo picks her up and she shows him the logo she saw on Samuel’s laptop briefly. It resembles a slide but no more information is presented to us. David’s alibi for the day of the parade checks out. He is ruled out as a suspect, although a different trial will start against him for child pornography.

Miren confusingly pecks Eduardo on the lips as he leaves her home. It surprises both characters and the viewers as well, but perhaps is just a sign of their closeness and the fact that no one else is looking out for her in the town except him. In 2016, the cops consult the IT expert about the tape. He is not able to give them a lot of information but tells them that the kidnapper used a Sanya recorder, which is only kept by vintage sellers.

Paco reprimands Miren for not making a copy of the video but she says they wouldn’t have been able to publish it anyway. Belen laments the lack of man force for the investigation and vows to take it with the higher-ups. Miren decides to go to the shop opposite her office to check out their camera footage. In the tape, they can see the person who hand-dropped the package for Miren. Belen and Miren strike a deal. She covers the story to extend its coverage, while Belen gives Miren the first access when the kidnapper is brought in.

Alvaro is sceptical of going through the whole ordeal of the investigation and the press coverage once the tapes are published. Ana already gave Miren the green light, in the hopes that it might lead them to her daughter. Miren is congratulated by the entire office for her stunning piece on the tapes. The entire organization hugely benefited from the story and Pace is the first to acknowledge it. Eduardo too joins in and they have a great time. But the night is spoiled when a few brats start eyeing Miren at the bar. She leaves safely but when she gets home, she has memories of the day haunting her again.

We see a very interesting scene from 2010 when Miren was still going to these meetings. She laments and appreciates the fact that she only has flashes of what happened. This was due to the fact that her rapists drugged her drink and she cannot remember everything. Because they are just flashes, she does not have to remember the whole thing but at other times, she feels if they were more fleshy memories, she could root them out in one swipe.

Belen keeps her promise and asks her boss directly for more people on the case. Once the request is granted, the investigation is given a required boost. The work is done faster and a very promising lead presents itself to the police in the form of a VHS enthusiast. He leads them to a man, James, Foster, who recently bought the same VHS player that the kidnapper used. Foster also fits the profile of a paedophile, with two incidents on his rap sheet. Belen gives Miren the lead on the arrest for the paper and the police take him in.

Forest is calm and casual about his previous actions, even sounding apologetic. He lives in a caravan and the police search it. They seize his laptop. Forest cleaned the whole place with bleach before being arrested. Foster has a solid alibi for the night of the parade. He claims he slept with a co-worker all night and she confirms it. The laptop too comes clean.

They do not have anything more to hold him and release him. He waits for the bus with Miren and makes a shocking revelation to her. He says she is close to cracking the case, having read her work, and that she will also find answers for “her rape”. The last words leave Miren shocked and the episode ends.

The Episode Review

This episode is perhaps why The Snow Girl is a notch above its peers. When the writers propositioned to make the investigation personal to Miren, they meant every crevasse of it. Her monologue after she breaks down due to the bar incident shows how well Miren’s character has been written.

It was a heart-wrenching moment that instantly places you in a vulnerable position with Miren. James Foster is yet another storytelling tool that will keep the pace of the investigation, while also shedding light on Miren’s personal demons. It will lead to closure on both fronts and it is really a smart creative choice. Snow Girl has hit all the right notes until now.

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