The Snow Girl – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

The police confirm the identity of the girl in the video from the parents as The Snow Girl episode 2 begins. Belen also instructs Miren not to publish anything about the video.

Back in 2010, we see Miren attending class and Eduardo being her teacher.  He teaches the fundamentals of following a case, all of which are met with Miren’s work till now, showing she does have merit as a journalist. David is brought in for questioning. But he is calm throughout the investigation. He professes to have been buying an umbrella at the time Amaya went missing in the town square where the parade happened.

David cannot provide a credible alibi to explain his absence and he had enough time – roughly fifteen minutes – to kidnap Amaya. Alvaro comes in shouting wanting David’s head but is neutralized by the police. He also owns a removal company and has several trucks, where he could have hidden Amaya. Eduardo is intimated about this development but Miren had already anticipated it.

She believes David could have taken her in the timeframe and given his familiarity with Amaya. It was back in 1983, when David came of age, that he was convicted of sexual assault on a minor – his 13-year-old neighbour.

Eduardo and Miren go out to meet an old acquaintance of the former, who has information about the Luque case from 1983. The police search David’s apartment and the trucks but do not find anything to implicate him. Belen also gets a call from the cops watching Juancho. Something is not right with him. Miren attends a meeting for survivors of rape, confirming her tragedy. She is hardly able to talk about it and internalizes her trauma. They next head to meet Pedro Lopez, a former detective, who handled David’s case back in 1983.

Lopez gives them the file from the case and makes lewd remarks about Miren, even propositioning her. She gets angry and hits him and Lopez retaliates back. Eduardo threatens him with an investigation about something he did and they leave the place. Juancho turns out to be a dead end as he is only guilty of smuggling exotic animals. Ana and Alvaro fight about how Amaya was taken out of their care. But they still seem to be there for each other. Miren does not suspect David. She feels his history suggests a different kind of temperament. Her suspicions are confirmed when they discover that the neighbour was Rosa Marquez, David’s wife.

Chaparro reveals that David has access to another apartment; a rented place in name of her wife. Belen thinks they might find something substantial and rush to the spot with her team. Miren goes to David’s house and finds Samuel alone. The police’s discovery at the apartment shocks them. David and Samuel used to work together to bring girls there, drug them, and then David used to rape them. All of this was recorded on video (of tapes that the police find) and were given out through a distribution network for money.

Rosa discovers this and is shocked beyond belief. She immediately calls Samuel about it. Samuel shows Miren an album of pictures with Amaya, demonstrating that his family loved her. Samuel picks up the call and in a panic, jumps off the terrace, despite Miren’s attempts to stop him, to his death. In 2016, we see Alvaro talking to Ana about the video and getting back together. But she makes it clear it can never happen. Miren goes back home after work and we see her still as engaged in the investigation as she was in 2010, with an entire web of findings on the wall. The episode closes with a visual of the room where Amaya is kept.

The Episode Review

The use of the two timelines is an interesting way to develop important themes through the characters. It ensures that the exposition of the past has some bearing on the ongoing investigation, revitalized by that tape of Amaya. She is alive and now the urgency will intensify as they try to find her.

Even though David turned out to be a dead end, it still exposes the frailties of the investigation. The police is never cut any slack for what they do and it is a wake-up call. Miren has broken all her professional rules to become obsessed with the case.

We might have seen it coming but it still comes as a jolt of energy to the viewer. Through Miren, the makers bring another dimension to look at the story and resolving the mystery becomes more well-rounded.

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