The Simpsons – Season 35 Episode 5 “Treehouse of Horror XXXIV” Recap & Review

Treehouse of Horror XXXIV

As episode five of The Simpsons starts, Mayor Quimby is seen announcing the art museum of Springfield is closed forever in favour of a digitized museum showcasing the collection as NFTs. Homer and Bart break into the closed museum where they use the digitization machine to create an NFT of Bart.

Bart is consumed by the machine into a world of NFTs. Initially shocked, Homer splits a selfish smile when he finds his son is worth $1,500,000. While Homer is explaining the NFT technology to Marge, Kylie Jenner, Rob Kankowski, and Jimmy Fallon emerge out of nowhere. They encourage Marge to go inside the NFT world to find and bring back Bart.

Marge meets a variety of digital characters. Marge makes out that by killing other NFTs, her value would rise, and she goes on a rampage. While Marge and Bart safely return home, Homer sells his own NFT to Montgomery Burns and vanishes into the NFT world where his value eventually declines to close to zero.

The second story of the episode takes us back to 1993 showing Bart being slashed to death. The following scene takes us to the future where Muntz, a dutiful cop, meets Lisa, a criminology dean at a college. Muntz informs Lisa that the killer left a message for her. Marge pieces together the shreds of evidence concluding the killer is not going to stop soon. She is right, dead bodies are discovered all across the town – one after the other.

Muntz and Lisa go to a slaughterhouse in search of evidence. The cop is impaled, and Lisa has no idea who killed him. However, she discovers through video footage that it was she who killed Muntz. In the cell of another prisoner, she reveals she has split-personality disorder, and that she was killing people all along. Without wasting any more time, she stabs the prisoner to death making him her last victim.

The third story starts with Homer idiotically eating a doughnut from his office ground covered in nuclear litter. He gets infected and transfers his infection to Ned. Through Ned, the infection transfers to everyone in the city – and everyone turns into Homer. They are all bald, have big tummies, and for some reason burp a lot. The rescuers seek Homer’s kids’ help to save the world as they are the only ones immune to Homer’s virus.

Marge has also turned into Homer. Instead of helping the effort to stop the spread of the virus, Homer enjoys it. The virus Homer-izes everyone across the globe.

The Episode Review

Strictly for The Simpsons stans. It’s an episode that many are going to find hard to follow. In other words, the narrative is messy, offering very little in terms of entertainment. The last episode raised our hopes, but this latest episode has brought us back to the same, boring new-era Simpsons. Where do you think this Simpsons season is headed?

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