The Simpsons Season 34 Episode 9 “When Nelson met Lisa” – Recap & Review

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When Nelson met Lisa

Episode 9 of The Simpsons season 34 starts with Lisa (in her 20’s) delivering a speech as valedictorian on the occasion of her graduation ceremony. Lisa meets Nelson whose personality has changed entirely. The former bully tells Lisa that he is not satisfied with his life. Lisa expresses her attraction for him. Avoiding her advances, Nelson takes Lisa to the place where he lives, a bell tower.

Nelson explains to Lisa his pitiable situation – which makes her more attracted towards him. teaches her how to say “ha-ha” in his signature tone. Lisa tries to get close to him, but her family arrives and asks her to join them.

After her graduation, Lisa is moving to a new city. She wonders if she can spend the rest of her life with Nelson – especially when he is so obsessed with bell towers. She decides to leave him.

After 5 years, Lisa is travelling with her husband, Hubert. Nelson, again in a new avatar, arrives in style on the same subway with his partner to catch a criminal. He tells Lisa that he is a bounty hunter now. When Hubert tries to give Nelson a feel-bad trip, he wedgies him and hangs him on the hook with his underpants. Seeing Nelson bully Hubert, an upset Lisa leaves with Hubert.

After 5 more years, Lisa and Nelson encounter each other at the ePhone shop where ePhone 67 is on display. When Lisa tells Nelson she left Hubert, Nelson admits he has also split. The two spend a good deal of time together. As they try to kiss, Hubert pops out of nowhere and requests Lisa to give him another chance. Both men try to win Lisa back. However, eventually, it’s Hubert, who with his tech skills, wins Lisa’s heart. And poor Nelson is left alone.

Another 4 months later, the bully with the hat and Krusty’s daughter are getting married. They ask Nelson and Lisa to be their best man and maid of honour. At the ceremony, Nelson and Lisa arrive with their arms interlocked. As the ceremony proceeds, Nelson and Lisa realize they are made for each other and they run out of the church. Lisa expresses her love for Nelson. The episode ends with them sharing a kiss.

The Episode Review

The entire episode is just two characters going back and forth in their relationship. Though the plot isn’t particularly solid, the episode manages to be entertaining until the end. The comedy is light, but the chemistry between the characters grabs our attention. If you like watching love stories of any kind, the episode has to make you happy!

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