The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 8 “Step Brother from the Same Planet” Recap & Review

The Simpsons

Step Brother from the Same Planet

The Simpson family is out at a craft fair. A couple of girls talk about a birthday party that Lisa wasn’t invited to. They highlight Lisa’s qualities as being unsociable. Lisa feels bad that she can’t be a part of the general population of kids her age. Homer and Marge encounter Grampa who is at the fair with his girlfriend. They tell Homer that they met during a therapy session.

Later, Homer and Marge visit Grampa at his new home that he now shares with his girlfriend and her son, Kelvin. Kelvin is smart and talented – which is something that makes Homer highly uneasy. Homer notices Grampa giving Kelvin company, he immediately feels jealous as he remembers his loveless childhood.

Lisa and Bart visit Grampa’s old age home that he has just left. To prove to her friends she can be great at socializing, Lisa decides to throw a slumber party at the retirement home. Homer comes to live with Grampa and his family. Kelvin welcomes him with open arms. But Homer who is feeling insecure turns what could have been a beautiful relationship into a riot. They try to embarrass each other every chance they get.

Lisa has set up everything, and the party is going great. Kids are enjoying every bit of it, and Lisa is proud of herself. Kelvin has a dab hand at taxidermy, and he showcases his creations to everyone in the family and beyond.

While Homer does a mocking impression of Kelvin wearing his hat, Grampa mistakes him for Kelvin. Grampa says that he loves him. Homer is heartbroken as he realizes his father’s difference in treatment for his two sons. Putting an end to their feud, Kelvin tries to console Homer. Homer makes Kelvin look like him, and asks him to notice how different Grampa treats him. After an interaction with Grampa as Homer, Kelvin realizes Homer was right, and something needed to be done. Kelvin tells Homer that he will need to talk about his feeling with his dad in a unique manner.

Lisa calls the cops to stop the wild party when things get out of her control. As Chief Wiggum takes Lisa away, the girls outside the retirement home cheer for Lisa for throwing the ultimate party. At the taxidermy exhibition, Homer enters as the last contestant. Expressing his gratitude for Kelvin, Homer reveals his creation which is just two shells with eyes on them. The crowd immediately understands what message Homer is trying to convey. Grampa finally understands Homer’s feelings. He tells Homer that he loves him very much. They both give each other a tight hug.

Last scene shows Grampa talking to himself about his girlfriend leaving him for a rich man who is taking Kelvin to Africa to study animals.

The Episode Review

The Simpsons delivers a moderately funny episode with so-so humor. The plot is strong, but lacks punch. If it’s drama that you’re after, you’re sure to be satisfied by what’s here. However, if you want to laugh, the episode might not be for you. One thing is certain though, the season has got a lot better compared to the earlier episodes. And our hopes are high for the upcoming chapters!

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