The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 7 “From Beer to Paternity” Recap & Review

The Simpsons

“From Beer to Paternity”

Episode 7 of The Simpsons Season 34 starts with the executives at Duff Beer discussing the potential replacement for Duffman as the chief mascot. The elections have begun to choose the new mascot. However, Homer doesn’t want to see Duffman go as he wants him to be there when he has his last beer.

Duffman is at the bottom of the polls. On a mission to remind people of his legacy and win his place back, Duffman tries to do all he can to get people’s attention. However, he starts off on the wrong foot. A group of females misunderstand his craziness for sexism, and the media gets on his tail.

Ultimately, however, he convinces people he can’t be sexist by telling them he is the “father of a daughter.” When a TV reporter asks him whether he has a picture of his daughter on his phone, a nervous Duffman shows the picture of Lisa. The Simpson family who’s watching Duffman’s entire charade on TV are shocked that he is using Lisa as a prop.

Homer and Lisa confront Duffman about using Lisa’s picture to gain support. Duffman admits the wrongdoing. He states that he has a daughter named Amber, but he is no longer in touch with her. The former mascot requests Homer to help him become a better “daughter dad” just like him Homer assembles a team of daughter dads to kick off the mission of getting Duffman his daughter back. The group urges Duffman to call his daughter.

Duffman joined by Homer and Lisa is on the route to meet Amber. At a restaurant, Duffman reveals what led to tension between him and his daughter. En route, they stop at a convention centre in a bid to gather support for the election. Lisa, who couldn’t visit the museum, gets angry at Homer for pretending to be an ideal dad. Homer reveals he didn’t want her to join him for the trip in the first place. Shocked and angry, Lisa asks Homer never to talk with her again.

Witnessing Homer fail as a dad, Huffman leaves without Homer. On their way home, Lisa finds an old drawing of Duffman with Amber in the car. Homer and Lisa visit Amber who is upset because her father didn’t show up. Lisa tries to convince Amber that Huffman is a changed dad.

Amber walks away when she finds Duffman doing his Duff-typical tricks with girls. A container of Duff beer falls off from the van and rolls off in Amber’s direction. Duffman stops it with his chick-magnet magnet – saving his daughter’s life. It’s the first moment in a long time, Amber has seen the fatherly side of Duffman. Huffman shows the drawing to Amber, and their relationship gets refilled with love. Duffman’s agent calls him to inform him that he won the election. To his daughter’s glee and surprise, Duffman hangs up the call.

In the final scene, Duffman is seen as Puffman, advertising his daughter’s new weed store.

The Episode Review

The episode is a massive improvement over the previous episodes of this season. The plot is captivating, mildly funny, and with a message. Duffman’s transformation from an attention-hungry mascot to a loving dad is enjoyable to watch. What’s better, he asks Homer for help. We would have loved if there were more jokes. But, all in all, it’s a nice episode that promises to entertain you.

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