The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 6 “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” Recap & Review

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Treehouse of Horror XXXIII

Episode 6 of season 34 of The Simpsons starts with Marge trying to pick up a book to read for Maggie. Ultimately, she picks up The Pookadook, a book with nothing usual about it. The book is so bizarre that Marge doesn’t want to continue reading, but Maggie insists she keeps on going. Later at night, Maggie screams in fear as the Pookadook book has somehow gotten into her crib. Marge rushes and tears the book apart.

It’s not long before Marge turns monstrous proving the anticipations made about her insecurities in the book are right.

Marge is ready to stab Maggie to death but is interrupted by the family. Later the same day, Marge follows Maggie with a knife in her hand. However, Maggie outsmarts Marge and manages to tie her up. After a little struggle, Marge finally gets hold of Maggie. However, when Maggie lovingly touches her cheek, she realizes she was being possessed by the Pookadook monster. She apologizes to Maggie for her behaviour. When the demon takes the form of smoke, Marge collects him through the vacuum cleaner.

The next scene takes us straight to Tokyo where Lisa finds a Death Tome which is the diary of the god of death. Any person whose name is mentioned in the diary will meet their death. However, there is one condition: The cause of death can never be repeated. Though not convinced of the book’s magic, Lisa keeps it with her. At home, she hears a tv report that a cute cat is being held hostage by a crooked man with a gun. She decides to test whether or not the diary can really be used to bring somebody to an end. She pens down the guy’s name in the diary, and heart attack as the cause of death. Voila! Within moments, the guy dies of a heart attack.

Shinigami, the god of death, appears before Lisa and tells her that he is also known by the name Steve Johnson. Lisa offers to return him the Death Tome, however, he suggests that the diary is hers since she has already used it. Knowing, she is in charge of death, Lisa goes on to kill anybody who has anything to do with evil. Even Shinigami is surprised at the way she is taking her job. She finds tremendously creative ways to kill people including a toilet alligator.

L, a highly-revered detective, correctly explains the cause of the mysterious deaths taking place in the city. Lisa decides to kill L, but she must know his full name in order to kill him through the Death Tome. In a strange turn of events, she kills Shinigami and becomes the Shinigami and leaves with Bart who knows about her secret.

The next scene takes us several years into the future where Homer is discussing monorails with his family. A couple of robots do a hard reset on Homer and take him to the cyber experiment unit. A lady tells Homer that even though he might feel like a man, he is actually an expensive intellectual property. Homer is now a robot.

Homer manages to escape and tries to find his family. He soon finds Marge and everybody and heads out to escape the tyranny of robots. The family pretends to be robots in order to avoid suspicions.

Soon after, they are attacked by an army of dwarf robots that keep on multiplying. The family tries to fight them off by shooting t-shirts. They run the robots down with the car and escape. Sound and safe, the Simpsons end up having dinner at Bob’s Burgers.

The Episode Review

One more time, one more parody – devoid of any kind of humour and fun. Straightforwardly speaking, the episode won’t make a bit of sense to anyone who hasn’t watched the shows they parody. Is it worth a watch? Well, there is nothing to admire as such, but the popular plots that the episode is based on make it watchable.

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  1. During the credits for season 34 episode 6 of the simpsons what is the green head on the back of the screen and what is written on it? We got 7 of what they are and what is written on them but the 8th we can not get it.

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