The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 15 “Bartless” Recap & Review

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Bart is reading a storybook to Riley in the library as episode 15 of The Simpsons season 34 begins. While narrating a hysterical story about where milk comes from, Bart makes drawings in his book. The kids copy him and ruin several books in the library by drawing in them. Marge and Homer take turns lecturing Bart about being an unbearable kid.

However, after they visit the school, the angry parents come to know that due to Bart’s prank, the kids are more participative than ever. The feeling of guilt sets in and the two wish they could have a normal relationship with Bart as if he was never related to the Simpson family. Thunder strikers and miraculously their wish comes true, and they wake up in a fancy house with no Bart.

Marge is a busy doctor while Homer is the Jumbotron operator at Isotope Stadium. The Simpsons meet Bart while driving back home. Bart has no idea about his real family, so the Simpsons take the kid to their home. Bart not-Simpson is enjoying being with the Simpson family. However, within no time, Bart’s naughtiness begins to take its toll, and Marge and Homer take a dislike for him.

Bart soon changes the hearts of Simpson family with his generously helpful acts. When Bart joins Homer to work, he helps Homer achieve 100 percent cheering. At her hospital, Marge uses a phrase used by Bart and it works in her favour. She immediately realizes Bart is something special.

At home, the parents notice Lisa is having fun for the first time in her life because of Bart. Bart also draws in Maggie’s book, and she begins to understand the words in the book. Just a the family starts liking Bart, Chief Wiggum shows up to take him to the orphanage. Marge and Homer cry in distress as Bart leaves. Thunder strikes again and the two wake up to find everything is normal and Bart is their son. They rush to hug him, as the episode closes out.

The Episode Review

The latest Simpsons episode is predictable but to a good extent. Though gripping, the storyline centering on an unwanted man becoming wanted is a beaten track. In addition, there aren’t many jokes that will make you chuckle, however you will find some crazy moments.

All put together, it’s an okay-ish episode with nothing special – which is exactly in line with the sort of season we have had so far.

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