The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 14 “Carl Carlson Rides Again” Recap & Review

The Simpsons Latest Episode Review and Recap

Carl Carlson Rides Again

Homer wakes up wanting dinner for breakfast as episode 14 of The Simpsons season 34 starts. However, there’s a problem. There’s no food!

Marge informs Homer that she has started a meal train for Ned because he broke his arm after falling off the roof. Homer comes up with an idea – feign injury to get free food.

Homer is not alone, in fact, the majority of the neighbourhood is pretending to be injured to get free food. However, Carl Carlson soon quits the meal train because he has to get back in shape for bowling. Carlson meets a woman named Naima, and the two hit it off in no time. The two set a date. Carlson overly prepares for the date with a new haircut, a different outfit, and whatnot. However, in the process, he gives his ancestral belt buckle to a store assistant.

Sadly, his efforts to impress Naima don’t bear fruits. The lady doesn’t like the new Carlson, she tells him that she liked the man she met at the bowling alley. Disappointed yet longing for Naima’s love, Carlson sets off on a self-discovery journey to find his true identity.

Concerned, Carlson’s friends including Homer decide to help him. Their idea: Find back Carlson’s belt buckle. Carlson joins them since he also has the same idea. When they reach the shop where Carlson had given the buckle, they are informed the thing has already been sold. When asked, the store assistant informs that the man who bought the buckle was a rich Texan.

The rich Texan has also already sold it to his friend Henry Gates Jr., the presenter of Finding Your Roots, who thinks the buckle has historical heritage. Dr Gates asks Carlson where he found the buckle. Carlson tells the buckle was in the bassinet in which he was dropped off at the orphanage.

Dr Henry puts Carlson on the next episode of Finding Your Roots which Naima also watches during the live telecast. The investigation leads Dr Henry to conclude that Carlson comes from a family of cowboys. Inspired, Carlson decides to give a shot to bull riding despite having zero relevant skill. Carlson’s daredevilry ends with a broken arm. An impressed Naima falls in love with him, and the two leave in an ambulance.

The Episode Review

The latest Simpsons episode catches our attention, but it’s only occasionally funny. If what you are looking for is a gripping story, the episode won’t disappoint you as it has all that makes up a good narrative. The episode begins well, with a seemingly unrelated situation that leads to Carlson discovering his origin and finding love in life.

All in all, the latest episode is a big relief given the mundane season we have had so far. Hopefully the rest of the show will follow suit.

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