The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 11 “The Goon” Recap & Review

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After King Toot blabbers about his success as a hockey coach, Moe is both sad and frustrated at not being able to carve out a real career. Homer returns home with Lisa who has won a participating trophy in sports. Marge asks Homer to take Bart to his first junior hockey game. Homer goes but not before making some crude comments. Moe, as the coach of Bart’s team, gives a pre-match lecture to his players.

Despite the efforts, Moe’s team bites the dust. On his way back, he notices Nelson bullying Martin. Impressed, Moe offers Nelson to join his hockey team. When Nelson refuses, Moe drops a note and leaves.

To Moe’s surprise, Nelson shows up just as the game begins. Nelson beats up the opponents – allowing Bart to hit goals easily. Well, the team wins, but the results aren’t acceptable since Nelson didn’t have his skates on. Impressed with Nelson’s goonery, Moe takes Nelson to the Top Goon Academy to perfect his bullying skills in a manner it can be used in the game. He is taught he has to save his primary (Bart) in every situation. At graduation, Nelson earns the title of Top Goon.

Moe’s team crushes every team in the tournament. However, just before the finals, Nelson hits Bart for making fun of Moe. Since Bart can no longer participate, a mad Moe demands that Nelson get lost.

Moe soon realizes that scolding and abandoning Nelson was an awful mistake since he is just a kid. He rushes to find him. Meanwhile, Nelson has found the company of bad people. Nelson’s new boss gives him an iron rod to beat a kidnapped man whose face is covered. However, Moe arrives just in time to stop Nelson from getting into the world of crime. When the cloth is removed, Moe is surprised to see it’s King Toot. Despite his issues with King Toot, Moe urges Nelson to let him go – giving a display of a good man’s true gesture.

Moe and Nelson leave and decide to part ways with violence. Moe smashes King Toot’s shop’s window to take out the Hockey trophy and presents it to Nelson.

Bart is at the doctor’s for mobility training for his injured arm. Homer is devastated to know he will have to stick around for months until Bart fully recovers.

The Episode Review

Despite it being a mediocre product, we have got to commend the scripting for the freshness of its nature. With their latest episode, The Simpsons prove they are far from running out of storylines. There are moments to like even though they might not be particularly hilarious. With half the season over, we can say our curiosity to see what lies ahead hasn’t withered a bit.

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