The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 10 “Game Done Changed” Recap & Review

The Simpsons

Game Done Changed

Episode 10 of The Simpsons season 34 starts with Bart playing a violent video game. Homer and Marge reprimand Bart for playing such a game that makes him a potty mouth. Milhouse introduces Bart to a game where players can buy mohawk and similar things with bobux (game currency). Due to a glitch caused by the old computer, the boys are able to make money without really having to sell anything.

Bart and Milhouse realize if they use the old computers in school, they can become super rich. They collect the nerdy kids from the school and start a video game racquet.

Marge plays the game with Maggie. She is thrilled to see Maggie talking in the game with the help of emojis. Principal Skinner busts Bart’s illegal enterprise. However, Bart convinces him that by participating in it, Skinner can make his dreams come true. Bart explains to Skinner the process of converting game money into real money.

Homer joins Marge and Maggie in the game. He is over the moon when Maggie expresses her love for him.

Bart and Skinner employ several evil methods to enhance the efficiency of their illegal enterprise. However, the smooth money-making process is juddered when students of a competing school lay their claim on Boblux (a digital territory within the game). Bart and Skinner visit the school and warn the principal of the dire consequences if her students keep interfering in the game. Bart suggests sharing the territory. However, Skinner is not on board. He kicks Bart out of the business and assigns Millhouse the role of manager.

Homer has built a new house for the family inside the game. Lisa arrives on a dolphin. She informs the family that out in the real world, the lawn is overgrown and the Bart has bought a new Lexus. She is roped into the game when Marge tells her that Maggie can talk in the game.

Skinner is out to destroy the competing school after Milhouse informs him that their students have taken over the entirety of Boblux. Bart confronts Skinner and makes him realize that what he is doing is not right. The two leave on a bulldozer without harming anyone.

Back in the real world, Nedward pays the Simpsons a visit after noticing a pile of newspapers in front of the door. The entire family is so strongly engrossed in the digital world that they have forgotten there is a world out there that doesn’t stop.

The Episode Review

Arguably the best one this season, the episode has been wonderfully written and executed. The plot is fresh, the voiceovers are impeccable as always, and the animation doesn’t fail to remind us of our favourite childhood games. Most importantly, it’s good to see the season has upgraded from pointless parodies to out-of-the-box tales like this one.

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