The Silent Service – Episode 3 “Kaieda VS Fukamachi” Recap & Review

Kaieda VS Fukamachi

Episode 3 of The Silent Service opens with Captain Logan Steiger, the American Naval in charge, ordering the 7th fleet to stand by. Tatsunami, Fukamachi also orders the submarine to surface. As the submarine surfaces, it finds itself positioned directly between the Ronald Reagan and Sea Bat.

Fukamachi proposes a one-to-one talk between himself and Kaide. However, Kaide says to Fukamachi that Sea Bat has already declared its independence, and he requires a diplomatic request to enter the country of Yamato. Fukamachi then requests to enter the country as a citizen of Japan, to which Kaide agrees.

US Admiral Richard Boyle intervenes and informs Fukamachi that Sea Bat is the property of the US, and they intend to take strict action for its misuse. He continues that Tatsunami and the Japanese government have no involvement in the matter. Admiral Boyle demands that Tatsunami leave the area immediately.

However, Fukamachi ignores him and informs the Tatsunami crew that if the US Navy fires upon them, they should not hesitate to leave without him.Eventually, Kaide comes face to face with Kaide and asks Kaide the reason behind his actions, to which Kaide reveals his dream of creating a peaceful nation where there are no wars.

Kaide believes that the division of nations is the root cause of conflicts. Fukamachi makes it clear that he does not support such an idea, but Kaide is confident that with the most powerful submarine (Sea Bat) and the most capable crew, he can achieve his goal. Realizing his words are falling on Kaide’s deaf ears, Fukamachi leaves. 

The US Navy grows restless, and Captain Boyle orders an attack on Tatsunami. Fukamachi boards the boat just in time, and the Americans attack both Tatsunami and Sea Bat simultaneously. Kaide orders a rapid dive of the submarine to a depth of 1000 meters, while Fukamachi orders a rapid forward dive for Tatsunami.

Meanwhile, the higher-ups of the Japanese government gather once again to discuss the matter at hand. However, due to ideological differences, the meeting devolves into a blame game, with everyone pointing fingers at someone else for the current mishap. On the other hand, we learn that the US aims to neutralize both submarines and has sent aircraft armed with sea-grade bombs to do the job. American naval submarines guide the aircraft, telling them where to drop the bombs. However, both Tatsunami and Sea Bat are completely unaware of the impending bomb attacks. 

Tatsunami is prepared to confront Sea Bat, confident that they cannot be harmed or detected in the deep sea. Fukamachi selects the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean to conquer Sea Bat. Tatsunami picks up the engine fan waves emanating from Sea Bat and finds that Sea Bat is right below them, and is surfacing. Fortunately, they somehow avoid getting crashed into each other. 

Suddenly, the technician hears the sound of a fast missile approaching the submarine—an anti-submarine missile fired by US aircraft. Even Sea Bat detects the SONAR waves confirming the suspicion. Both Fukamachi and Kaide order their crews to execute a full-speed straight drive. Sea Bat, being faster than Tatsunami, manages to evade the missile. However, Tatsunami, although it avoids direct impact, is affected by the waves that follow the missile’s trajectory.

Back in Japan, the blame game continues and the Prime Minister struggles to control the chaos. The Chief Cabinet Secretary reaches his breaking point and leaves his chair to walk out of the meeting. However, he soon changes his mind. At the same time, we see President Nicholas Bennet reading the report on the current events. When asked why humans fight, he says it is because of the inherent human nature or turning his vices into war. We need strong nations to avoid and minimize wars, Bennet says. 

As the episode nears its end, the 7th fleet’s submarine USS Oklahoma detects  Sea Bat. Without hesitation, they fire torpedoes number 1 and 2. At Sea Bat, all eyes turn to Kaide for a decision, and he declares that the government of Yamato is now at war against war against the USA.

The Episode Review

With episode 4 on the horizon, you should prepare yourself for some intense naval action. Things have heated up, and Kaide has declared war on the USA, which no doubt, will rope in the Japanese government as well with the Chief Cabinet Officer taking charge to protect their borders.

With Kaide’s limited resources compared to the fully armed American forces, its clear that it is going to be an intense and unfair tug-of-war. But you know what? Kaide might be short on resources, but he more than compensates with his brains.

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