The Silent Sea – Episode 5 “Secret Storage” Recap & Review

Secret Storage

Episode 5 of The Silent Sea begins with Jian and Han gathering the entire team to show their discovery. With fauna covering the vents, they decide to head down and explore.

With E1 leading the team forward, they uncover several storage rooms in the heart of the facility. Vines are growing up the walls and there are even spider webs too. All the samples down here are in prime condition, while the fauna seems to have spread from a single smashed vial on the ground. The lunar water inside has clearly reacted with it, explaining the crazy fauna growth.

The samples all appear to be water, and both Jian and Soohyuk check these methodically one at a time. As they begin securing the cargo, Han notices rustling coming from the vines. He encourages the others to keep their guard up, but it doesn’t take long before everything kicks off.

Heesun and E1 notice something out in the hallways; a figure that moves at frightening speed. The others head out into the hallway, where E1 winds up having his arm ripped clean off. Whoever this person is, they’re incredibly nimble and avoid a barrage of gunshots, skipping up the tree like a monkey and only stopped by a burst pipe being struck, slowing her path.

Unfortunately in the ensuing skirmish, one of the samples of water breaks and reacts with E1’s blood on the ground. As the water begins to multiply, the others abandon their posts and grab the briefcase of samples. Sirens begin wailing as the others head up the ladder again to safety.

Finally above ground again, the team believe that this young girl, whoever she is, is also after the samples too. She seems to be protective of it, but her freakish strength and speed is still a mystery. Han communicates back with Director Choi, who makes the bold decision of choosing to kill the girl if she causes any more trouble. Han isn’t exactly thrilled with the idea, but Choi implores him to hold on.

As the broadcast ends, the scene lingers on a picture of Choi and a young girl. A young girl who looks suspiciously like the one from the underground storage area.

Now, another part of this mystery comes from the strange drawings that appear to be cropping up all over the facility. These seem to be drawn by that girl, but it’s unclear whether it actually has an extra purpose beyond that. Captain Han is on the hunt though and he follows blood spatters all the way through the vents.

Dropping down, he catches up with Soohyuk and Heesun who are also looking for the girl. They deduce that she knows her way around a lot better than they do and is really adept at avoiding them.

The main crux of the drama here though stems from Jian and Dr Hong, who head off in search of the data samples. They’re intent on recovering these files, which Jian’s sister appears to have been involved in.

It’s here, while the loading bar slowly winds up, Jian admits that she had no idea her sister was on the lunar base until she received a call later on. However, when they access the computer the pair learn that the files have been completely erased. But why? What are they all hiding?

While all this is going on, one among them happens to be a spy. Left alone with an injured E2, Lieutenant Taesuk goes rogue and begins taking the samples, pretending that he has his orders to take them to Han. The thing is, he’s communicating with someone externally… but who?

When Jian and Hong return to the lab, Taesuk thinks about shooting them both but the strange girl arrives at the front of the lab. Taesuk immediately shoots her, which leads to a big stand-off. As this strange girl looks at Jian, her eyes blink horizontally, as we’re left with lots of questions.

The Episode Review

With the big threat revealed to be this little girl who presumably has ties to Choi, the story is just starting to grow more incredulous. With double crossers, alien girls, alien water samples and double agents too, it’s all becoming a little messy and is in danger of buckling under the weight of all this.

That’s a shame too because the episode does have some good material. The characters are still endearing, despite being a little simplistic and basic with their characterization. This second half will really be a make or break occasion for this series.

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