The Sign (Thai BL) – Episode 10 Recap & Review

Introducing the “Tiger Man”

Episode 10 of The Sign starts with Tharn and Phaya in Tharn’s bed, with Phaya telling him about his dreams and their past. Tharn is not fazed to learn that he was a Naga in his past life and Phaya was a Garuda. He only wants to know about the person threatening their love, but Abbot warns Phaya not to tell Tharn about it since it would put him in danger because he acts on impulse and emotions, and he will want to protect Phaya, which will put him in danger. Phaya asks Tharn to accompany him to the Abbot to keep him safe before they figure out Chalothon’s whereabouts. 

Phaya promises to help Tharn discover what happened to his family, and he asks him to stay away from Chalothon. He does not tell him the truth about it but says he is jealous. Tharn says that he has not talked to Chalothon in the past few days and did not tell him anything regarding his whereabouts. Meanwhile, Chalothon is in Naga City, trying to heal his human body. The Abbot had said to him that trying to kill Phaya would affect his human body, but he did not listen to his warnings. 

The following day, Tharn wakes up to many missed calls and texts from Yai. When Phaya suddenly left the hospital, he did not tell his family about it, and they were hysterically searching for him. Suddenly, Yai knocks on the door, and Phaya’s grandmother and sister accompany him. Phaya apologises to his grandmother for worrying him and tells them that he and Tharn are dating. The grandmother is not against their relationship and even offers to accompany them to Nongkai to visit the Abbot. 

Elsewhere, Singh, Khem, and Thongthai snoop around the police bureau database and Akk’s office, looking for information that can help with Tharn’s case, and they find some interesting leads. After Chart failed the test at the training camp, he neither resigned from the police force nor returned to work with his old unit. Consequently, his work record has been wiped out from the database. Khem tried to find out his whereabouts from the police colleagues, but none of them knew about his whereabouts. Chat’s scenario is similar to what happened to Akk’s brother and Lieutenant Tam. 

Singh updates that after checking the CCTV footage at the club, it was wiped clean, and Tharn thinks that someone might be cleaning up after Chart and making sure there are no traces of him left. The file Khem and Thongthai found on Akk’s desk had details about Khom, Montree’s right-hand man, and his tattoo is similar to the one Tharn saw on his father’s killer. Phaya remembers that Tharn saw the same tattoo on Chat’s wrist, and they wonder if he might also be one of Montree’s men. Singh thinks the case involving Tharn’s parents, Lieutenant Tam and Kao, might be related, and Akk knew about it but never told them. The boys start to wonder if Akk is working for Montree, and Tharn decides to confront Akk and ask about his parents. 

Inspector Akk tells Tharn he is the boy that his father sent to school after his brother’s death and tells him that someone in the unit betrayed his father. On the day he died, Tharn’s father had conclusive evidence about Montree’s drug smuggling operation, but the team leader was one of Montree’s men, and he betrayed him. Akk does not trust anyone in the unit, so he has been secretly investigating the case, but Tharn’s impulsiveness threatens his progress. Therefore, he asks Tharn to stop intruding and will tell him everything once he returns to work. 

Tharn and Phaya’s family stop by the temple to pay their respects to the Abbot before heading to the grandmother’s house. The Abbot gives Phaya holy threads and asks him and Tharn to wear them for protection since Chalothon will become stronger and more vicious during the Naga Fireball celebration. While at home, Tharn gets an update on the case from Yai and Ning, Kao’s girlfriend, agrees to testify against Montree. Tharn hopes she can give them something that can help go after his parent’s killer. However, Tharn gets a vision of Ning’s death, and soon after, Khom kills her.

Fortunately, Akk and the team got a flash drive with a recording of Khom and Kai giving him instructions about getting paintings from Art and sending them to a warehouse in Nongkai. Meanwhile, Tharn and Phaya get a case where the workers say they saw a tiger man, and he ate one of their men in the forest. Coincidentally, Inspector Akk receives a message informing him that Montree is heading to Nongkai, where Nongkai forest produces medicine along the Mekong River. At the end of the episode, Akk vows that he will not let Montree escape again. 

The Episode Review

This is another exciting episode, adding that The Sign is the best BL of 2023-2024. In the beginning, when the boys were wondering whether Akk works for Montree, it seemed like it would be a sluggish episode, but it unexpectedly kicked everything up a notch and kept us glued with exciting actions and scenes. Every plot and subplot in the series develops concurrently with fantastic pace and development. The episode solves the doubts about Akk and his connection to Tharn’s father, and I especially like how they did not drag the suspense and create discord among the IDF team.

With the end of the series painfully approaching, it seems like all roads lead to where it all began: Nongkai. Who do you think is the “tiger man?” What will happen when Tharn discovers that the person responsible for the mysteries in his life is his most trusted brother, Chalothon? 

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