The Shrink Next Door – Season 1 Episode 8: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Verdict


Episode 8 of The Shrink Next Door begins in 2010 with Marty ready to start the next chapter in his life. Marty is a lot more assertive but that doesn’t stop him from showing up at therapy with Dr Ike. At least, after failing to get through to Phyllis on the phone anyway.

In his office, Ike tries to get back to to doctor/patient relations they had before all this unpleasantness. This time though, Marty is wise to this snake oil salesman. However, Ike catches Marty off-guard by asking him to be his best man at his wedding. Smiling weakly, Marty politely agrees to the terms.

The thing is, Ike is on the rocks with Bonnie and this seems to be his way of trying to spice things up. Ike manages to convince Bonnie to play along but it doesn’t exactly heat things up between them, there’s absolutely no passion in the kiss they share.

What changes Marty’s mind?

In the meantime, Marty continues to try and piece his life together, even arriving at the shop to try and catch up with Hannah, the girl Ike blew off. It turns out she’s actually married with kids now. Marty, of course, was unaware about Ike’s involvement in breaking the pair up, and when he finds out, he’s not happy. Marty immediately has second thoughts and decides against being Ike’s best man.

At the summer house, Phyllis heads over to confront Marty. She offers a fresh perspective on the horrors Ike has inflicted on him. The house is full of echoes of Ike and Bonnie, including a particularly egregious plaque reading “Bonnie’s kitchen.” Phyllis is still torn up about what happened between them, as Marty decides to try and make Ike dead to him; the same trick Phyllis enacted toward Marty all these years.

Goodbye Dr Ike.

That night, the pair begin burning all of Ike’s belongings – including his manuscripts. Ike shows up and immediately brings Marty into the most important decision of his life. Calling Phyllis toxic and claiming he’s having a relapse, Marty makes his decision. He tells Ike to leave and stands by Phyllis no matter what. He’s done; Marty has had enough of Ike’s betrayal and pushes him away – and out his life.

We then cut forward one year later. Phyllis and Marty have fully patched up their differences, while the family gather together in the summer house for a big meal. The horrors of Ike are still present though, with Marty unable to keep the door open, just in case Dr. Ike returns.

How does The Shrink Next Door end?

Fast-forward to 2021 and Ike is much older, pleading his case in front of different lawyers. Marty is present too, listening as this therapist plays the pity party. He claims he gave everything to Marty. Ike is on the verge of having his license taken away but claims he’s a good man, standing by his actions in the past.

Even in confidence, Ike tells Marty that he “forgives him”, unable to actually own up to his own mistakes. Marty though has moved past this and walks away, calling time on their sessions. He’s a much tougher man than he was before, but boy has he had to pay for it.

What happened with Dr Ike?

Over the course of 27 years, Marty paid Ike $3.2 million dollars. In fact, this certainly wasn’t Ike’s first rodeo either. Another patient was encouraged to cut ties with their family, leaving Ike’s family $20 million in their will. 10 years after Marty’s complaint, Ike finally had his license revoked.

The Episode Review

The Shrink Next Door bows out with a therapeutic final episode, rounding out all our big plot points and concluding things with a positive and uplifting message. The horrors Marty has had to endure have been difficult to watch but thankfully it’s all resolved by the end.

The show has certainly been overlong though, but this final episode is a necessary chapter to round out all the big plot points and close things out on a high.

It’s also fair to say there’s unlikely to be another season coming off the back of this, especially given how conclusive the final episode is. Either way though, everything concludes nicely, with lots of

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