The Serpent – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

From Paris, With Love

Episode 7 of The Serpent begins with Marie and Charles in Paris during 1976. They’re both ready to live a new life, while Herman continues to hit roadblocks communicating with the French authorities.

He’s not the only one though, as Remi and Nadine both speak to the embassy and show details surrounding Stephane and her passport. They’re accused of lying, as the authorities instead decide to turn the other way.

Even worse, the group completely give up hope. With Marie and Charles gone, Herman is left conflicted over what to do and whether to join them. When he sees the news break about the Dutch couple – a false report in the Bangkok Post no less – this makes huis mind up for him.

Herman contacts the editors at the Bangkok Post directly and asks about their story. He kicks the hornet’s nest, opening up about everything, and letting this angry swarm of news spread across Thailand.

This brings police straight to Herman’s door where he’s warned that this outburst will completely destroy his career. Paul warns Angela that this will have a far greater cost to her life too, as the pair continue to set out and uncover the truth.

In Paris, Charles receives some scathing words from his Mother, who warns Marie that her son will never change. She tells her to leave and get out, berating Charles for bringing another girl into this whole ordeal.

Still, Marie and Charles attend their gemstone meetings. Everything goes according to plan… until Monique and Alain’s names are brought up. News from the Bangkok Post has traveled right the way across the globe.

Charles shrugs off the claims, dodging this proverbial bullet as the deal goes ahead. On the back of this, the pair are convinced to take the file with them, which details everything said in that paper.

Marie eventually heads back to see Charles’ Mother who discusses his half-brother, Guy. Charles asked Guy to switch identities, which subsequently saw him thrown in prison and tortured.

On the back of this story, she Marie to be careful, explaining how Charles will never love her. She continues on, admitting that Juliette is still alive too. When Marie leaves, rattled by what she’s learned, she checks the front cover of a magazine that show her face next to Charles; their picture from the bar all those months ago.

Charles shows up at Juliette’s door and lets himself in. He sits her down and admits that she’s his future. Juliette pulls away from him though, telling Charles he needs to leave. It’s at this point everything starts to unravel.

Marie confronts Charles over his lies, more bodies are found and Charles’ Mother cooperates with the police.

On top of all this, the police grant an International Arrest Warrant for Charles and Marie. With them both on the run, Marie suddenly realizes what she’s got herself into but it’s too late; she’s on the run again.

The Episode Review

The Serpent returns with a solid penultimate episode, one that tightens the noose around Charles’ neck. Now it’s only a matter of time before he’s caught. Marie finally understands what she’s got herself into as well, having seemingly blocked all of this out until now. This realization hits hard though but unfortunately it seems like it’s too little, too late for her.

The time jumps this episode in particular have been all over the place, and to be honest I don’t think they’re needed. I get that this is a motif used throughout The Serpent but here it feels unnecessary when a more linear narrative may have served this one a bit better.

Having said that though, the ending leaves an exciting finale on the table, as everything rests on Charles being brought to justice.

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