The Santa Clause (1994) Ending Explained – Does Scott embrace Santa’s duty?

The Santa Clause Plot Synopsis

One Christmas Eve, Santa Claus falls off the roof while delivering presents  due to a Santa-non-believer, Scott. As a result, Scott has to fill in for him. Though Santa’s job proves to be harder than he thought, Scott goes on to realize it’s a most important responsibility in the world. Side by side, his world changes for the better. 

Who is Scott?

Scott is in the business of selling toys. Although he himself has no faith in Santa’s existence, he continues to support his child, Charlie’s belief in Santa. His former wife, Laura and her husband, Dr. Neil, both want Charlie to stop thinking about Santa since they themselves stopped believing in him as kids after they didn’t get their Christmas present. 

The Santa Claus

How does Scott become Santa?

On Christmas Eve, Scott and Charlie go out for dinner after Scott burns the turkey he was preparing. They go straight to bed after they return. Their sleep is interrupted by a noise from the roof. The two discover an elderly man clad in a Santa suit. Scott shouts at him – causing him to fall off the roof.

Though the old man magically vanishes, he leaves behind a business card and his suit. The card reads, “If something should happen to me, put on my suit. The reindeer will know what to do.” 

The sleigh and reindeer are still on the roof. Reluctantly, Scott puts on the Santa suit after Charlie requests he do this.

What happens after Scott becomes Santa?

Scott and Charlie deliver presents for the rest of the night. The head elf, Bernard, takes them to the North Pole where Scott is briefed his responsibilities as Santa. He’s told that he’s required to fulfill all the responsibilities of Santa since he has put on the suit. In order words, Scott has been appointed as the new Santa Claus whether he likes it or not. 

Scott is given 11 months to prepare before reporting back to the North Pole. Unable to process the events, Scott goes to bed with a perplexed head. Little does he know, his world will never be the same again. 

The Santa Claus

How does Scott change?

After he wakes up, Scott believes the trip to North Pole was nothing but some sort of a weird dream. He asks Charlie to keep their trip discreet when he goes on telling everybody that his father is Santa.

Strange things start happening with Scott. He hair grows grey. His beard grows back quickly after shaving. He grows fond of milk and cookies, and his weight multiplies overnight. Moreover, he begins treating children in a way Santa would. And within a short-period of time, Scott turns into a full-blown Santa (at least appearance wise). 

Despite the obvious changes corresponding with Santa’s personality, Scott continues to live in denial that he is not the Santa.

Does Scott learn he is the Santa?

Laura gets Scotts’ visitation rights cancelled from the court over Scott’s increasingly inexplicable behavior. Scott visits Charlie anyway. Charlie shows him the snow globe he got from Bernard, and Scott immediately knows he is, in fact, Santa Claus.

Scott convinces Laura and Neil to allow him a private moment with his son. As they are conversing, Bernard arrives, and the three leave for the North Pole. Assuming Scott has abducted Charlie, Laura and Neil report them to the cops.

The Santa Claus

Does Scott embrace Santa’s duty?

It’s Christmas Eve, and Scott is out delivering gifts with Charlie. As they reach Laura’s house, Scott is arrested while Charlie waits for him in the sleigh. However, Scott is soon out with an extraordinary help from elves in the jailbreak.

After his return from prison, Scott makes Charlie realize the importance of family. Seeing Scott’s lovely gesture, Laura and Neil are convinced that Scott is the Santa. Laura destroys the visitation rights papers reassuring Scott that he can visit Charlie any time. 

Bernard tells Charlie that he can use the snow globe to call his father any time he wishes. Laura and Neil get their Christmas presents from Scott – reinstating their faith in Santa. Scott sets off to deliver the rest of the presents with Charlie, saving Christmas.

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