The Rookie – Season 5 Episode 7 “Crossfire” Recap & Review


The Rookie season 5 episode 7 starts with Harper and Lopez visiting a crime scene after a shop owner was shot in his store. According to a witness, a female gang by the name of Double R killed him because he refused to pay protection money.

Meanwhile, Bailey is feeling off-centred since her engagement. Juarez advises her to re- decorate the house to line up with their energy. Nolan is wary that the house needs a makeover, he thinks it is because Bailey is yet to move in with him. He talks it over with her and they agree she should move her things to their house so that it feels like home to both of them.

At the police station, Grey and Bradford are leading the daily morning brief when they are interrupted and served a court order. Elijah is suing Wesley, Grey and Lopez and is requesting access to see Lopez’s personnel file. Nolan offers to help as a Union Rep. We knew that Elijah’s return was bad news but we didn’t expect him to take this route to execute his vengeance.

Lopez has faith in Wesley as a lawyer and chooses to focus on their case instead. They ask Grey to give the green light for an undercover stint led by Chen. They ask Chen to infiltrate the female gang group and find out who pulled the trigger on the liquor store owner. As luck would have it, Bradford and Thorsen are already acquainted with one of the members’ families.

Early that morning they had been called to the home for a noise complaint and Thorsen related well with Tabin (a brother to one of the gang members.). Harper and Lopez ask him to convince Tabin to introduce Chen to his sister and give her an in with the gang.

The introduction doesn’t go as smoothly as Thorsen wanted and he gets anxious and tells Bradford that he is overlooking Tabin’s safety to further Chen’s career. Bradford is startled by the accusation and is quick to deny it.

Chen is amazing while undercover and completely immerses herself in her character. She soon identifies that the killer is Tabin’s sister and they make a move to arrest her. Tabin is not happy with how things turned out and cuts Thorsen off as he feels used and tricked. 

Elsewhere, Nolan and Juarez are working on an unusual case where a man is shot in front of them. They immediately arrest the shooter only for Juarez to discover that the man was long dead before being shot. They believe he died from a stabbing but further investigation prove he was poisoned. The case ultimately leads to the victim’s wife who lost it when she learnt he had been lying to her and killed him.

Elijah’s request to see Lopez and Grey’s personnel file is denied but that doesn’t deter him. He tells Wesley that he will use all and every legal loophole he can to come after the people he cares about. He says the only way that he will stop is if Wesley makes a public apology at a press conference.

Feeling cornered, Wesley agrees to do the press conference and apologizes to Elijah. Elijah is a cunning fox and he is getting Wesley to take accountability when he shouldn’t. He is also getting a settlement from the city and his freedom. 

The Episode Review

It was a mistake for Wesley to agree to publicly apologize to Elijah. This will destroy his career and who knows what Elijah is planning next. Wesley believes he is protecting his family but we all know Elijah won’t let this matter go. At the moment, they can’t touch him and have no proof of his shady dealings. It will take time before they can bring him to justice.

The moment Thorsen and Bradford showed up to arrest Tabin’s sister was intense. Thorsen did an amazing job de-escalating the situation but we know in real-life how most of those situations end up. Thorsen is really good at community policing and Bradford can learn a thing or two from him.

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