The Rookie – Season 5 Episode 6 “The Reckoning” Recap & Review

The Reckoning

Episode 6 of The Rookie season 5 starts with Nolan and Bailey having a pancake contest to pick the location of their wedding. Nolan wants to get married at the beach in Miami and Bailey wants a wedding in New Orleans. They are competitive and are tied and this leaves them no option but to continue their little contests until they get a clear winner.

Meanwhile, Wesley is worried about a deposition scheduled for that day. He is worried that Elijah (The drug syndicate who forced Wesley to work for him and threatened Lopez and their cute baby ) might walk free because of his defence team. Lopez assures him that the case is solid but Wesley is still worried especially because he has been firewalled from the case.

He is even more worried after seeing who is representing Elijah. In a twisted turn of events, the lawyer is Monica, played by Bridget Regan. He and Monica were once engaged and broke up after he cheated on her. Their history aside, Monica is cut-throat and knows how to get under his skin during the deposition.

Bradford is starting his morning on a grumpy note and refuses to talk about his breakup with Thorsen or Chen. Of course, Chen knows that something is wrong and when Bradford loses his radio, she holds it hostage and sends him on a weird scavenger hunt in hopes that he will cave and spill what is troubling him.

On the other hand, Juarez is sleep deprived and is having a hard time staying awake. They land a case after a woman tries to deposit money in a bank. The case gets more amusing after they find out someone tried to burn money that was part of a law enforcement sting. The case leads them to an old unsolved case of an undercover cop murder.

His partner is still looking for answers and is happy to get a lead after ten years. He joins the case and they soon realize the woman at the bank lied about where she got the money. They head back to question her but sadly find her murdered. They do a deep background check on her life and find out that she was secretly dating a former drug syndicate. Their investigations lead them to the secret lover who admits to killing the cop ten years ago and his girlfriend. They are finally able to find answers to the decade-old cold case.

Lopez is not happy to hear about Wesley’s former fiancée showing up and that she is working for Elijah. Monica threatens the DEA and after the deposition, they decide that the case is a mess and can’t go to trial. Elijah will have to go free much to the couple’s dismay. Obviously, Elijah shows up to threaten and gloat at Wesley.

After the shift, Juarez visits Nolan and Bailey and falls asleep on their coach as they bicker about the best way to help her. Bradford also confesses to Chen that he is single after being dumped. Chen is unable to say much because Chris shows up and they leave.

The Episode Review

Nolan and Juarez are beginning to understand each other well. Nolan is a good training officer and manages to help Juarez to interpret her instincts in a way that bears actual results. It is not the classic approach they normally use to solve cases but he doesn’t dissuade her from being her quirky, superstitious self.

It was great to see Harper and James along with their adorable children. It has been a while since we last saw them and they showed up this time and gave us family “goals.”

I am not happy about the return of Elijah, I was hoping we were done with him and he was rotting in prison. Unfortunately, he is a free man now and I am certain he is plotting a revenge plan that will threaten Wesley and Lopez’s life. After the whole Rosalind saga, I was praying that it would settle down for a while but I suppose we will need to prepare for another mega-villain saga.

However, the little Chenford bouts of endearing cuteness are a highlight. Bradford is single now and Chen knows she has feelings for him, why are they playing this cat-and-mouse game with our hearts? I love Chris but he gotta bounce, it is time for Chenford to thrive! What do you think?

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