The Rookie – Season 5 Episode 11 “The Naked and The Dead” Recap & Review

The Naked and The Dead

Episode 11 of The Rookie Season 5 starts with Nolan and Bailey discussing the tenants at Bailey’s house. They are an elderly couple who have not paid their rent in six months. Nolan volunteers to handle the situation because Bailey gets soft on the elderly.

He and Juarez visit the couple and Juarez thinks he and Bailey are not cut out to be landlords in L.A. She argues they are too nice and they need to be cutthroat to avoid being taken advantage of. Nolan tries to be intimidating but he gets tricked by the old couple and their sob story. The old couple promises to pay the money by Wednesday. They also bring up some maintenance issues they have been having and Nolan gives them his card since he is a contractor too.

Meanwhile, Bradford and Chen are trying to get their cover story right. They want to continue dating on the low. Chen quickly makes up a believable story when Nolan asks what they did last night. After Nolan leaves, she asks  Bradford for tips on how to handle the Citizen’s Academy. She is supposed to run the program that day and he advises her to stay wary of screenwriters. The program is supposed to educate citizens on how the police work.

Bradford and Thorsen hit the streets and while at it, they get a call from Jenny. Things at her son’s practice game are getting heated. One of the moms is furious that he son is being benched. Thorsen and Bradford get there in time to see her hit the coach and they arrest her. The coach unceremoniously quits, and Thorsen suggests that Bradford would make a good baseball coach.

Lopez’s hot brother Damien who is a Catholic Father drops by to ask Lopez a favour. One of the gang members he has been counselling, Matteo Ramirez has gone missing. He asks her to help him look for Matteo and she promises to work on the case.  Lopez and Harper check Matteo’s last known location using his phone and ask Nolan and Juarez to meet them there.

The four of them get to the house and Nolan finds it weird that someone fixed the wall when the building is meant to be demolished. Lopez tries calling Matteo and his phone rings from behind the wall. Nolan breaks the plaster wall and they discover Matteo’s decomposing body among others stuffed behind the wall.

Juarez is shocked to see such cruelty, even though she is a cop some things still unnerve her.  Harper believes that the murders are the beginning of a gang war between two gangs fighting for Elijah’s old territory. They spilt up and head over to speak to the respective gang leaders. Juarez and Nolan talk to Queenland while Lopez and Harper talk to Moses.

As Nolan and Juarez talk with Queenland they realize he has already started his retaliation move against Moses for killing some of his members. Nolan calls Harper and Lopez to warn them but they still get caught in a shoot-out that kills two of Moses’ men.

At the Citizen’s Education programme, a young woman, Keira asks a question about domestic violence. Chen thinks that the woman is being abused by her boyfriend. The more she talks to Keira, the more convinced she is that Keira needs help. She runs a background check on Keira’s boyfriend and discovers his ex-wife has a restraining order against him.

Chen asks Keira to stay back and asks if she needs help. Keira says her boyfriend doesn’t hit her but he is still violent. Chen worries that the violence will escalate soon. She offers to take her to a women’s shelter for the night.

After hearing that Bradford will be coaching the baseball team, Chen shows up to support him. She is shocked to see Bradford being soft, he doesn’t want to be like his dad and scar the kids with hardcore coaching. Chen intervenes and helps him coach.

After the baseball game, Chen receives a call from the shelter. Keira has been asking about her boyfriend’s ex-wife. Chen suspects that Keira is working with her boyfriend to find his ex-wife Linda. She talks to Keira and asks her to reconsider her allegiance to her boyfriend. Chen gives Keira her contact card and she leaves with her boyfriend.

Elsewhere, Nolan and Bailey visit the old couple to check the maintenance issue the couple brought up. They are surprised to find out that the couple has been renting the house at night to a porn producer. They are charging the porn producer a hefty sum per hour but they are still not paying their rent.

The next morning, Chen asks Wesley for advice on how best to handle the Keira situation. He tells her there is nothing to do until Keira is ready to report her boyfriend. Bradford advises her to be there when Keira is ready to leave.

Nolan interrupts their talk and asks Wesley about the tenants at Bailey’s house. He tells him to play hardball as the old couple has a history of being tenants from hell. Luckily, the couple leaves on their own but they take Bailey’s furniture. Bailey decides to sell the house and focus on moving forward with Nolan.

On the other hand, Lopez and Harper worry about their case. Damien pays them another visit and gives them a lead from one of his congregation members. Moses is planning to receive a shipment later that day. They think Queenland is planning on using them to take out Moses. Nevertheless, they act on the tip and after an intense shoot-out they arrest Moses’ gang members and ask them to roll on Moses.

Harper and Lopez realize they might have been wrong about Queenland using them to take out Moses. He sent his men to intercept Moses’ shipment meaning he didn’t know the police would be there. They ask Damien to bring in his source for the tip. After promising to protect him, the source admits that Elijah Stone is behind the gang wars.  Harper talks with Sergeant Wade and tells him Lopez can’t be on the case moving forward. He agrees, that a wrong move can end Lopez’s career.

Later that day, Chen gets a call from Keira asking for help. Chen rushes to her place and calls for backup. Chen arrives first on the scene and finds Keira being hit by her boyfriend. The boyfriend tries to fight with Chen but she takes him down effortlessly. Keira grabs Chen’s gun and tries to rationalize her boyfriend’s behaviour. Chen talks her from pulling the trigger and sadly arrests her.

The episode ends with ChenFord coaching the school team at a game. Harper and Lopez arrive to arrest one of the player’s dads who has an arrest warrant out for him.

The Episode Review

Elijah is back and whether you hate him or love him, you have to admit he is a worthy villain. I am looking forward to the final showdown with him this season.

Lopez is too close to the case, and to be honest it would be best if she left this one to her team. Unfortunately, knowing Lopez and Wesley, they will get involved with the case and I am afraid of how things might end for them.

Keira’s story resonates with so many people. It can be hard to leave or escape a toxic, violent relationship. Sadly, Keira made a choice to threaten Chen with her gun. It was heartbreaking seeing Chen arresting her but she had no choice but to follow protocol.

I am loving ChenFord being coaches, they are one good-looking pair and they make such a sweet couple.

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