The Rook – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

A Slow-Paced Crawl To The Truth

Following last week’s dramatic reveal of Farrier’s powers, we return to The Rook this week with more answers and clarity around who Myfanwy can trust.

We begin with our amnesia-stricken EVA detained by Conrad following what happened last week. Myfawny tells him she had her memory wiped and eventually complies with his questioning and, after agreeing to a face scan, she and Conrad finally see what’s on her tablet. It’s a message to herself about how wise her choice of choosing not to pursue the past is and plans on how to start anew.

It’s a bittersweet pill to swallow but one that sees answers come to the foreground as the solitary number on her phone happens to be the contact to smuggle her out the country. She tells him Linda is the one responsible for the memory loss and everything that occurred at the bridge, which inevitably leads to tensions bubbling over with Robert as he confronts her about her radio silence.

Meanwhile, the Home Secretary sees the news about the sonic blast, immediately realizing this is Farrier’s work. Ever the opportunist, Linda approaches her and reveals the truth about Nazim’s abilities, pleading to be put back in power. When she’s refused, she tries a different tactic; planting seeds of doubt in her mind.

After Myfanwy explaining things to Robert about how she’s only really known him for 5 days, she gets in her car and meets her sister. Her sibling reveals the truth about her upbringing, explaining that babies are taken away at the first sign of exhibiting powers. As her sister heads out the room to grab something in a bid to jog her memory, Myfanwy finds her childhood diary and begins reading. It’s here we see her experiencing flashes which sends her rushing back to her car and to the office.

The Home Secretary, still reeling from Farrier’s words, approaches Conrad and tells him she’s considering reinstating Linda again. Before she can do this, Conrad shows her the footage from Myfanwy’s interview. As she learns the truth about Linda, Myfanwy returns to the office some time later, just as one of the twins appear to be getting intimate with Monica. She apologises and pleads with them to show her what they had together. Instead, Myfanwy is shown Farrier locked in a cell, who promises to tell her everything.

Once again The Rook continues its crusade to present answers for us around the first episode’s mystery. As things begin slotting into place, the final fight between Farrier and Myfanwy appears to be gearing up but there’s a niggling feeling the whole truth hasn’t been revealed yet. In a way, The Rook has felt much more like a crime thriller than an outright superhero show, subduing everyone’s abilities and only showing them in fleeting instances. For better or worse, this does make The Rook stand out but not nearly enough to have an impact.

When the dust settles, I doubt The Rook is going to be a show renewed for a second season or remembered for very long. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still enjoyable and interesting but the glacial pacing and fleeting instances of action really holds this back from being a better show. Still, The Rook delivers another interesting, slow paced episode here, flaws and all.


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