The Rook – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Who Do We Trust?

After last week’s dramatic episode, we return to the shady superhero world of The Rook in Paris, 3 weeks before the bridge incident took place. In the heart of the migrant jungle, Nazim is begged by a Mother for him to erase her daughter’s memory before a strange man arrives, claiming to be working for higher authorities and knowing exactly who Nazim is.

We then jump back to present day where a remorseful Nazim apologises to Myfanwy for erasing her memory, telling her he was deceivingly told it would help her. However, she finds texts from Lady Farrier on his phone which throws suspicions into the air while Farrier herself enlists the help of the imprisoned EVA to help find Myfanwy.

Meanwhile, Conrad hacks into Myfanwy’s phone. There, he finds an unknown number which he rings, patching him through to a man named Lorik. Before he can follow up on this though, he’s called into the scheduled hearing with the Home Secretary about their affair. She agrees to break things off, sensing she may be in with a chance of becoming Prime Minister one day, much to the displeasure of Conrad himself.

Myfanwy and Farrier then attend a meeting that sees the group discussing the EVA who escaped – and who we know as Nazim who’s currently hiding from them in Myfanwy’s apartment. They discuss the next steps in bringing him in where Farrier admits it was her call to only allow a few agents to try and catch the EVA. Farrier is then suspended thanks to the Home Secretary laying down the law while Monica demands they hand over Nazim when they do eventually find him.

Sensing that Monica may be the only person she can talk to, Myfanwy speaks to her alone and tells her about Nazim hiding in her apartment. While Monica gets to know Nazim and a deal is struck between the trio, Robert speaks to Myfanwy outside where we learn he’s been following her all this time. He confronts her about her sudden mood changes, convinced she’s in trouble. Shaking off his suspicions for now, she heads home where she and Monica talk more about their past and prepare for the next step.

Conrad confronts the Lugate group and, more specifically, Lorik. He tells him to stay away from “his rook” but as it turns out, she actually paid Lorik to smuggle her out. To add insult to injury, Conrad then learns, thanks to the twins, that Myfanwy is infact hiding Nazim. They infiltrate the operation Myfanwy has planned with Monica, as Robert forces his way into her car and watches the amnesia-stricken lady while Monica goes it alone with the negotiations.

It turns out Myfanwy has a sister and she’s the EVA Farrier has recruited to bring Nazim back. However, the rest of the twins show up and chase them, prompting Farrier to arrive out the shadows and blast them all with a high-pitched sonic wave. Myfanwy catches a glimpse of her sister as the car speeds away.

Once again The Rook delivers a pretty good episode, although the methodically slow pacing does work against the show slightly as things take a while to get going. While learning more about Monica is interesting, unless she’s going to play a more crucial role later on down the line it does feel a little bit like filler. As we learn more about Myfanwy though the plot continues to thickens. Learning she was trying to be smuggled out is certainly an intriguing little plot twist to chew over this week too.

Lady Farrier’s power isn’t wholly original however seeing the sheer power of her shock-waves is something that’s probably going to catch a few people off guard here. I certainly didn’t expect her powers to be that strong but seeing her give Nazim the noise cancelling headphones at the end may just settle which side she’s playing for. Especially if Myfanwy’s sister is the one she recruited.

Whether Monica is playing a double bluff here and is actually working with the twins remains to be seen but with 3 episodes to go, The Rook offers up some intriguing questions going forward after a pretty exciting episode, especially with the nicely implemented twist at the end.


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