The Rook – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Following last week’s slow-paced build up, The Rook delivers a much better episode this time around, one that provides some crucial answers to the questions we’ve been presented this season.

After a brief prologue in 2008 featuring Glengrove House and Myfanwy being interviewed, we cut back to the present with Monica tailing Gordon and the others. Having captured a rook, the two men inside the van deliberate over whether to give him water or not while he tries to break free from his restraints. With the two men in the van arguing and held up by traffic, the man breaks free and escapes.

Back at the organisation, Myfanwy asks for access to the Glengrove House files while Lady Farrier catches wind of what’s happened with the escaped rook. The man’s name is Nazim and he requests to speak to her. She tells Robert what’s happened and heads off to the bridge to meet with him.

Conrad questions just why these men are after Myfanwy, especially after the timing of the incident following what happened at the bridge. He suspiciously asks her why she switched off the cameras while speaking to Peter and offers his help if she’s in trouble. She refuses and instead, heads off to the archive. She immediately pulls open the files on Bristol and begins searching through them, desperate for answers. While she looks through the files, Conrad heads to her apartment and begins searching through her things.

However, the twins arrive and intervene on what she’s doing. With Myfanwy’s back turned, the twins find the file on Bristol and immediately tell her to leave it alone. Back at Myfanwy’s apartment, Conrad hides out while Myfanwy returns, grabbing some money and immediately heading for the Glass Cage, determined to find Bristol and ask him questions about what’s happening to her.

As she arrives at Bristol’s place, she finds a letter addressed to herself that tells her to turn around and run. She ignores the letter and asks Bristol to tell her everything that’s happened. It turns out Myfanwy was the most exciting agent they’d found in years and it’s here she’s shown archival video footage of the bird cage and her abilities. She asks what the Bristol incident was and he tells her that he was pushing her too hard, which triggered her powers and caused an explosion. As she leaves, she has a vision of her past that prompts her to re-read the letter again. Heading back inside, she kisses Bristol passionately and the two make love together.

Back at the organisation, the twins head off to find the missing EVA with Monica, who tags along for the ride. Having found a lead, they race through the streets of London to Borough Market. Unfortunately the police get there first but given Nazim’s unique powers, he wipes the man’s memory and escapes.

Conrad confronts Lady Farrier over what he’s found in Myfanwy’s apartment including finding a key to a safety deposit box. He heads to the bank with the key in his possession and opens the box, revealing money and a number of different passports. Underneath it all, he finds a tablet but decides not to probe much further.

Back at HQ, it turns out Lady Farrier struck up a deal with one of the captured agents. The deal was giving up Myfanwy for Nazim and, with secrecy surrounding the deal, Farrier looks poised to strike up another shady deal with the woman. Could she be the one behind the incident at the bridge? Before we get a chance to ponder the question, Nazim comes face to face with Myfanwy and explains he’s the one responsible for wiping her memory.

With more answers and a much better understanding of what’s happened in Myfanwy’s past, The Rook delivers a much better episode this time around. Although there are times where the episode feels a tad too slow, especially early on, receiving answers to a lot of these crucial questions is certainly a welcome inclusion. Quite where The Rook goes from here remains to be seen but with Lady Farrier clearly the one to watch out for, Myfanwy looks set to face some real danger going forward.

At the halfway point of this series, The Rook does a great job setting up all the pieces and delivering a shady mystery wrapped up in a superhero bubble. With much more urgency this week, The Rook delivers a much better episode this time around but only time will tell whether the show can capitalize on this and deliver an explosive second half to this season.


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