The Road: The Tragedy Of One – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

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Episode 7 of The Road: The Tragedy of One begins with a gunshot. Seo hasn’t killed Tae-Seob though, but instead fired a warning shot across his shoulder. Seo wants the original copy of the files but given Yeo-Jin couldn’t find it either, Tae-Seob desperately pleads with Seo, promising to try and track it down, And that first point of contact just so happens to be Soo-Hyun.

Now, Seo has hidden cameras all over the estate but despite this, hasn’t been able to track down who has the original files. Well, the only thing he’s interested in is making sure Soo-Hyun doesn’t get his hands on them.

Meanwhile, trouble brews at home between Soo-Hyun and Eun-Soo. Following Seo-Young’s antagonizing and the hotel card incident, she’s not in a very loving mood. In fact, she ends up sleeping on her own, as Jang-Ho takes the opportunity to switch off her phone following calls from Producer Yang.

When Eun-Soo finally does answer, awakening after some time, she learns that Soo-Hyun has gone missing and is struggling to reach him. Eun-Soo charges out the hotel, growling at Jang-Ho not to touch her stuff again, as she frantically tries to find her husband.

This sees her head too Seo-Young’s place, who agrees to help – at a price. After handing over the woman’s pills – destroying any leverage she may have over the woman – Seo-Young agrees to help but calls into question the strength of her marriage.

Seok-Hoon continues to investigate the case too, trying to work out what the link is between Dong-Pil and Soo-Hyun. There’s definitely one there but right now it’s difficult to see how all of this slots together. It then falls to Seok-Hoon to check the surveillance footage.

Joon-Wook is not looking good either, driving drunk and heading to the scrapyard, ranting and raving. Eventually Seok-Hoon shows up and arrests the boy, who babbles on that he wants his lawyer. Down at the station Seok-Hoon is determined to get a conviction and promises that a child murder case is very different to an ordinary conviction, determined to see if Joon-Wook cracks.

A grieving Nam-Kyu tries to sort out Joon-Young’s funeral arrangements but tellingly, Seo-Young doesn’t show up. Back home he lashes out against his wife, letting his frustrations out and holding her up by the throat against the wall. It’s a pretty shocking moment and one that sees Seo-Young eventually walk away. As she does, he receives a messages from someone asking to wire the money.

Meanwhile, Seo receives a message of his own from Dong-Pil, of all people, claiming they have the original copy and asking to meet. Well, a teary Eun-Soo suddenly rings and begs her Father to help try and find Soo-Hyun, who’s still missing.

In his absence, it falls to Seo-Young to read out the news and act as the anchor. Just as she does, we cut across to see Tae-Seob, who just so happened to have Joon-Young in the car with him that night. However, the boy had a bloodied nose to, so it looks like there was some sort of fight just prior to this.

Soo-Hyun is still alive of course, and as he stands at Joon-Young’s grave and meets Seok-Hoon in private; the pair discuss what’s recently transpired. Someone is pretending to be Dong-Pil and clearly playing Seo, blackmailing him with the original copy. And that someone? The same man or woman who killed Dong-Pil. Soo-Hyun wants the detective to find and stop this person and if they do, promises to reveal all of his secrets.

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The Road: The Tragedy of One rolls round again this week with more tantalizing clues over what’s going on. This mystery has been pretty enticing in truth, and it seems like numerous people are keeping secrets.

The show itself has been really good so far, albeit a little long-winded at times. With each chapter over 70 minutes, there’s a lot of information to take in and this is one of those compounding mysteries that builds up numerous layers into its story. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but I’d imagine this one will work much more effectively as a binge-watch than waiting for a few episodes each week.

Either way, this is shaping up to be a really gripping mystery and quite who’s responsible for all of this remains a mystery for now.

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