The Road: The Tragedy Of One – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Seong Hwan’s Meeting

Episode 4 of The Road: The Tragedy of One begins with more context to what happened with Eun-Soo. Despite being on the verge of cheating, she decides not to and walks away. Instead, she receives a message from Seo-Young, asking her to show up at the hotel room and threatening to jump if not.

As Soo-Hyun steps through the front door, he sees his wife in his mistress’ room. Clever editing in the last chapter fooled us all! However, it does sow seeds of doubt in both their minds – especially given Soo-Hyun has a room key and Eun-Soo has visible marks on her neck.

Well, with Eun-Soo leaving and heading back home, Yeo-Jin appears and starts talking to Seo-Young in the hotel room. Unbeknownst to her of course, there’s still a camera filming what’s going on. Soo-Hyun meanwhile, receives a message from a smug Seo-Young: “I hope this is a good lesson.”

That evening, Soo-Hyun meets with Seo-Young in a secluded spot. He’s angry and tells her not to involve his wife again. Seo-Young however, reminds him that sin always leaves a trace and their affair will be leaked. Soo-Hyun counters that though, telling her that the report on drugs will be released a day earlier. The only thing Seo-Young can do to stifle the blow is find Se-Ra and take her to the police – and she has two days to do so.

Soo-Hyun comes under fire in the office though, especially given Yeo-Jin’s position in this. She essentially tells him to drop this but Soo-Hyun is a man possessed. He’s determined to leak this news – and he’s staking his entire career on this gamble.

The key focus here though is on Dong-Pil and his movements. After entering Royal the Hill at 6.30pm, the last he was seen occurred just before 10pm. So this small window is what they need to work with.

There were also several different people that entered his study that night, and given one was unknown, it takes a visit to the hospital to see our recovering assailant to figure out who. It’s Yeo-Jin.

Meeting with her in the hallway, Soo-Hyun reads her body language and realizes that she’s definitely responsible.She also seems to be the one in possession of the original copy. Meeting with Seo-Young though, she realizes their relationship has been recorded and she’s at Seo-Young’s mercy now.

Well, Yeo-Jin receives a call that night, with her becoming the spokesperson for the President. That’s not exactly great timing, given the stress she’s going through, but Seo sees this as a good opportunity. He doesn’t know where the original copy is either though – if his retort is anything to go by.

We then reach day 4 of the investigation. Yoon-Woo’s vision returns, at least for a while, but he sees Joon-Young standing before him and immediately calls out for Eun-Soo. Could it be that Yoon-Woo has something to do with what happened to his friend? We shall see…

Eun-Soo receives a call from a contact called “gallery”, telling her that he misses her and couldn’t sleep. It’s hard to tell whether she’s going to continue this affair or not.

Throughout this episode we’ve seen Park Sung-Hwan scheming and trying to get one-up over Heo and Seo-Youn. Well, he hits the jackpot when he receives incriminating evidence against Seo-Young.

As he sets up a meeting between them, Soo-Hyun learns that Sung-Hwan actually followed his car to the abandoned warehouse. His earlier retort around “updating his portfolio” seems to be in direct connection to both of these events, although we don’t have all the puzzle pieces yet and it’s difficult to slot everything together.

Seo-Young eventually meets with Seong-Hwan, bringing up the situation with Chief Yeo-Jin. He also has footage which confirms the face of the culprit. Before he reveals it though, he needs to check something with Joon-Young. Whatever it is, it rattles her and it seems like the culprit is going to be the one in possession of the original copy.

Soo-Hyun shows up at the apartment, determined to meet with Seong-Hwan but there’s a problem. He doesn’t show up and with his car abandoned in the parking lot, Soo-Hyun finds Seong-Hwan presumably dead in his apartment.

The Episode Review

Extra secrets slip out and the case starts to grow ever-more interesting this time around as it becomes clear that Seong-Hwan has been killed off.

This must have been Seo-Young’s doing too, given how much Seong-Hwan knew about her past, and we’ve seen that she’ll do anything to protect her secrets.

The whole situation with Dong-Pil is still an interesting one and exactly what happened to him that night – and who killed Joon-Young – remains a mystery.

Personally, I think Yeon-Woo may have seen something or be involved in what happened to the kid. After all, these extreme bouts of stress could well be a clue to what’s happening.

Either way, it seems Eun-Soo is also keeping secrets from Soo-Hyun too, with her sordid affair kept under wraps under the alias of “gallery”.

While a little slower this time around, the mystery is no less enticing and the entire chapter sets things up nicely for the season ahead. Quite what will happen next though, remains to be seen.

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