The Resident – Season 6 Episode 13 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

All Hands on Deck

Episode 13 of The Resident season 6 starts with Conrad and Billie preparing Gigi’s 6th birthday party. It looks like Gigi already knows about Conrad and Billie and she is on board with them dating. Conrad receives a call from Randolph, he asks him to come to the hospital, Sammy is sick. He leaves Gigi with Billie and hurries to the hospital.

On the other hand, Betz is on his way to the OR for his heart transplant. Kit asks him to give his word of honour again that he will save the hospital if they save his life. I don’t think honour and Betz should even be in the same sentence but let’s wait and see. Kit briefs the press about Betz’s condition and says they have every reason to expect a good outcome after the heart transplant surgery.

In the OR, AJ and Leela perform the heart transplant surgery and they are hoping to save both the Governor and Chastain. The heart transplant surgery goes smoothly but it takes a while before the new heart resumes normal sinus rhythm.

Another problem arises after Betz wakes up from the surgery. He complains of chest pains and goes into shock. Conrad, Cade,  AJ and Leela worry about the cause of his pain. Pravesh and Conrad team up and start ruling out different causes.  After going back to examine Betz, Conrad realizes he has an extended abdomen.

They call in  Randolph as he is the expert in bowel ischemia. Although the last time Randolph performed the surgery, Betz had him sued, he still agrees to save Betz’s life and do the surgery.

Sammy arrives at the hospital and Conrad takes charge of her treatment. Everyone is worried about her and waiting to learn what is wrong. Conrad and Pravesh warn Kit and Randolph that Sammy’s condition is not great. Based on her CT scan, there is a high possibility that her cancer is back. Randolph is heartbroken and Kit tries to comfort him. Randolph asks her to get Sullivan back, he is the best paediatrician surgeon.

At the moment, Sullivan is focusing on recovering from his addiction and having a talk with his sponsor. He is contemplating if he should quit being a doctor because the stress is what triggers him. He gets a call from Kit asking him to take Sammy’s case, he is hesitant at first but Kit insists they need him.

Cade is surprised to see her dad back in Chastain. Sullivan assures her that he will only consult on the case and if the need arises he will confess the truth to Kit. Cade is not sold on the idea but agrees that he should stay and help.

In the meantime, Gigi’s incessant request to visit Sammy wears Billie down and she agrees to take her to the hospital. Gigi does her best to make Sammy feel comfortable and at ease and Kit says she is just like Nic. Now, we are all crying! The lab results come back and thankfully it is not cancer. However, they need to figure out what is wrong with Sammy.

Gigi notices that Sammy has a red tongue and Pravesh checks her and learns she has Kawasaki disease. Her condition gets worse before they can start treatment. She is rushed to the OR and they learn she has a massive partially ruptured coronary aneurysm as a result of Kawasaki.  Yamada and Sullivan take over the case. Sullivan is the only one who can perform the risky surgery and it is a Hail Mary.

This forces him to come clean to Kit and Randolph about his addiction. They are shocked but he sincerely apologizes. However, time is of the essence and Randolph has no choice but to let him save his granddaughter.  Sullivan heads to the OR and starts operating on Sammy.

The aneurysm completely ruptures and Sammy starts coding. Sullivan freezes for a second and he calls for AJ who is currently in another OR trying to save Betz. Randolph starts experiencing MS flare and AJ asks Leela to take over for him. Randolph takes a seat and waits for his flare to pass. He asks Leela to be the lead surgeon, trusting her to finish the surgery on her own.

AJ runs to Sammy and they start stabilizing Sammy’s condition before continuing with the surgery. Sullivan does a brilliant job and Sammy survives the surgery to everyone’s relief.

After his surgery, Betz makes a press statement that he will be restoring Chastain’s full funding. Kit agrees to give Sullivan a second chance but with a few conditions.

Pravesh tells Randolph that his MS condition is getting worse but he is eligible for the second phase of his trial. There is still hope for a full remission and Randolph is ready to take the risk to find the cure. He thanks Pravesh and tells him he is glad that they will be working to save his life together.

Randolph decides to take a leave of absence and he has a talk with Sullivan. They realize they have a lot in common and Randolph asks him to be careful not to fall into his addiction again. Sullivan tells  Randolph that he has done a lot of good, particularly teaching the next generation.

Randolph agrees and gives his stethoscope to Leela to celebrate her being an attending. Pravesh also proposes to her and she says yes.

Padma returns to see the twins with support from Leela and AJ. AJ thanks her for being there for him and giving him a family.

The episode ends with close family celebrating Gigi’s birthday in Sammy’s hospital room. Conrad back hugs Billie and tells her he loves her. She turns to face him and says she loves him too before sharing a sweet kiss

The Episode Review

This episode was a roller coaster of emotions and we smiled, cried and prayed for miracles throughout the 44 minute finale.

The ending was perfect and our hearts are swooning from that sweet moment between Billie and Conrad. We can all agree it has been a long time coming!

The Resident definitely ended on a high note as we see second chances for Padma, Sullivan and Chastain. Redemption for Governor Betz, a love confession, proposal and hope for the future is also on the cards in regards to Randolph. It was a great way to end season 6, don’t you agree?

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