The Resident – Season 6 Episode 4 ”It Won’t Be Like This for Long” Review & Recap


 It Won’t Be Like This for Long

Episode 4 of The Resident Season 6 starts with an adorable Gigi trying to fake a cold to avoid a Taekwondo belt ceremony. Conrad tries to cheer her up so she can attend the ceremony. He asks Pravesh to cover for him at work so he can get to the root of the issue with Gigi. He spends the rest of the day helping Gigi prepare for her event. Conrad is an amazing dad, Nic would be so proud of how he is raising their little girl.

On the other hand, Dr. Sullivan is reporting to work but he has withdrawal symptoms. Will he be able to do his work? He is due for a drug test in the next 9 hours so he can’t take drugs before then. He is acting differently and even his usual charms can’t cover up his odd behaviour. Billie asks him to be part of a delicate surgery of an infant and he accepts. 

He looks up ways to manipulate a drug test on the internet and thinks artificial urine might just be the way to go. He orders one from the internet! I am worried that he will get away with his addiction if he manages to manipulate the test.  Thankfully, the urine delivery is delayed and he will need to come up with a new plan.

The infant’s condition gets worse and Billie immediately summons Dr. Sullivan to the O.R before he can take his drug test. Cade gets the brunt of his irate behaviour when she tries to check up on him. He decides to take a pill and head to the O.R. 

During the surgery, he continues to exhibit symptoms of withdrawal. My heart was beating so fast during this scene, I was on the edge of my seat crossing my fingers, praying for the infant to survive. Luckily, she makes it off the surgery table. Thank heavens!

After the surgery, he steals a patient’s urine and uses it for his drug test. Addiction is truly scary because of how ugly it can get.

As his withdrawal symptoms continue to manifest, he gets irritated easily and has an argument with Cade about her patient Diana. Diana is an addict and has just given birth to the infant he will be operating on. She wants to get clean and be a mother to her newborn baby. 

Diana’s condition gets worse and Cade is forced to decide on whether to do a splenectomy. There is concern that Diana’s body may not be able to handle the surgery but she can’t survive without the surgery either. Cade decides to do the surgery. The surgery is successful but Diana still has a long way to go before getting clean.

Meanwhile, Pravesh is trying to figure out whether his patient was misdiagnosed by her former doctor. Irving thinks Pravesh is treating his patient like “one of his little science experiments.” He thinks Pravesh has been desensitized by his clinical trials to what real harm to patients looks like.

Pravesh calls Conrad for advice and Pravesh gets a clue from their conversation and is able to properly diagnose his patient.

Padma and AJ get good news when Dr. Sullivan says he can discharge them later in the afternoon. I am so happy the twins are okay.

The Episode Review

This was a nerve-racking episode to watch. Seeing Dr.Sullivan struggle with his addiction while still operating on patients scared me the most. His addiction is not only affecting him, but he is endangering the lives of his patients as well. I hope they get him the help he needs before he harms a patient.

It is also affecting his relationship with Cade and based on what she told Diana, her dad’s previous addiction really affected her. I am now understanding why she keeps holding herself back in her relationship with Conrad. It is heartbreaking what addiction takes from people. 

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