The Resident – Season 6 Episode 1 “Two Hearts” Recap & Review

Two Hearts

Episode 1 of The Resident Season 6 starts with Devon being excited about the publishing of his trial results and his upcoming clinical trial. AJ is happy about getting a new condo for Padma and the twins. Leela is celebrating that she is Chastain’s newest chief resident and AJ tells her, “She is the most promising young surgeon in Chastain.”

Padma is ecstatic about her dream to be a mom and is looking forward to having two healthy boys. This is until she faints and there seems to be a problem with the pregnancy.

An ultrasound proves that one of the babies is not as healthy and AJ, Devon, and Leela sweep in to try and manage the situation. The twins are in danger and Dr. Sullivan knows a surgery to save the pregnancy but there is an 80% chance that the smaller twin will die and a 50% chance that the larger twin will die. It is clear, however, that if they don’t operate, both twins will ultimately die.

Padma and AJ are between a rock and a hard place but there are other major setbacks. The equipment needed for the fetal surgery is not available at Chastain, and the closest center that has them is in Orlando.

Dr. Sullivan (Cade’s dad) is also not able to do the surgery and it needs to be done asap. The stakes are raised considerably high – anyone else stressed out about the fate of Padma and the twins as well?

Leela’s heart is breaking for her sister while Devon is worried about the possibility of another loss in AJ’s life. AJ recently lost his mom and all fingers are crossed that he won’t be grieving again. AJ and Padma are not dating but they are connected by the twins. Padma’s situation is getting dire but they are unable to fly her out to Orlando due to a storm.

They are running out of time and they need a plan B stat! Kit and Bell try to pull strings to get the equipment to Chastain and there is finally a moment of hope. Conrad reminds AJ that he can’t hover and try to manage the situation as a doctor. He should support Padma but I think we can all understand why AJ is micromanaging.

The equipment arrives and the fate of three lives lies in the hands of Dr Sullivan. The surgery starts with Padma nearly going into heart failure but AJ is there for the rescue. Thank God for him.

Once Padma’s heart issue is solved, Dr Sullivan starts the fetal surgery and one can barely breathe during these scenes. Everyone is worried as Padma and the twins begin crushing. It’s intense, but luckily Dr. Sullivan is able to successfully finish the surgery. We can all breathe a sigh of relief!

Conrad is worried about Gigi who has been having nightmares and is scared to sleep. Billie is also worried and is concerned that Gigi is not willing to talk about her nightmares or what is making her afraid. Conrad thinks it might have to do with Nic’s death but Billie is unsure as Nic died when Gigi was just a toddler.

Conrad thinks the trauma of losing her mom is just manifesting now, but Billie assures him that he is a great dad, he will figure it out. These two are getting close and Conrad confesses, ”I don’t know what I would do without your support.”

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Conrad is dating Cade. Billie has not confessed her feelings to Conrad. AJ doesn’t understand why Billie is yet to tell Conrad that she is in love with him. Billie is relatively okay that Conrad chose Cade, at the moment she is okay with being Conrad’s best friend. Still, it must be hard on her to see him dating Cade.

The Episode Review

Once again, The Resident opens the door of Chastain Hospital to us and we couldn’t be more elated to see our favourite doctors saving the day.

This episode raised the stakes as the doctors at Chastain race against time to save one of their own. I think there is a chance for Billie and Conrad but we will have to see how their relationship evolves this season.

There’s a big sigh of relief that Padma and the twins are safe! It felt like we picked up where we left off and the story flows smoothly. I am excited to see the different relationship dynamics this season, and  plenty of intense life or death situations for the doctors to deal with.

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