The Republic Of Sarah – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Sons and Daughters

Episode 9 of The Republic of Sarah begins with Christmas coming to town. Drama dominates Greylock though, especially after the cheating incident at the town hall last episode. Corrine and Danny continue to act awkwardly with one another.

With Christmas in full swing, Danny introduces his Father to Piper, Danny’s fiancé, as Corrine finds herself awkwardly side glancing and trying not to show her jealousy and guilt. Put it this way, she’d be the first one out playing poker.

Eventually Corrine confides in Sarah and admits that she slept with Danny. While Sarah convinces her that this is just a fantasy and she needs to focus on Adam, Danny is convinced to head off and look at houses with Piper. They’re going to buy a new place in Greylock but Piper is concerned over Danny’s nonchalance.

Piper senses something is going on but Sarah convinces her not to worry when asking about Danny.

Unhappy about being caught in the middle, Sarah marches over to Danny’s place and confronts him over the affair. There, Danny drops the bombshell that he’s actually in love with Corrine. Oh no! On the back of this, Danny breaks up with Piper and shatters her heart.

Just to throw more drama into the fold, it’s revealed that Danny could well be Josh’s Father. She’s convinced it won’t change anything though and that Adam is still his Dad.

Meanwhile, Bella makes her choice and decides to stay in Greylock after all. However, she wants freedom and to be able to see Tyler. She also wants to visit Alexis regularly, given she’s the closest thing to a Mum. It seems Weston is going to agree, which is at least one positive in an episode that’s otherwise very melodramatic.

The Episode Review

After last week’s filler episode, Republic of Sarah returns for… another filler episode. Given the preview for next week it seems this is being done for good reason but one can’t help but feel the show is dragging its heels a little.

However, secrets spill over and there’s plenty of romantic angst this week as Danny and Piper break up and Corrine feels guilty about her cheating. Beyond that though, there really isn’t a whole lot else going on.

Hopefully next week can improve but this show has been underwhelming for most of its runtime, to say the least.

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