The Republic Of Sarah – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

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Episode 10 of The Republic of Sarah begins with confirmation that Sarah’s birthday is on March 26th. Hey, that’s my birthday too! Anyway, I digress. There’s more development with the mining though, as Sarah heads down to check on Lydon and the progress they’re making. She’s also there to catch up with Danny of course, and the bombshell last episode that he revealed.

While Grover continues to attend therapy, Sarah discuss the current warm weather in town. In fact, the temperature right now is the highest it’s been in over 100 years. Following the blizzard they’ve been experiencing there’s a lot of snow melt and that’s going to cause a surge of water to rush down into town. As Sarah herself proclaims grimly, in 24 hours most of Greylock is going to be underwater.

Sarah immediately rings Gail and asks for help. She promises to send what she can – which comes in the form of trainees. In order to organize everyone, Sarah and Danny visit her Father and ask for his help. He’s the only one who has experience in these sort of emergencies and he could well be their only hope.

To begin with, the gang rally all the most vulnerable and take them up to high ground. Sarah encourages everyone to band together, setting up a number of sand bags (hey, where did they get all that sand from?) and try to affect the flow of water. After bringing everyone together to work on this outside, they move some sandbags around before getting back to business as usual. Or, in the case of Republic of Sarah, talking about character emotions.

Sarah and her Father hash out their differences, with the latter apologizing for not being there for her. He wans to try and be a better Father and asks for help in doing this. As all our characters hang out at the diner, disaster strikes.

Corrine suffers from a nasty blow to the head after being caught in a rush of water which smashes through a window while she’s in the high school. It seems like there could well be a second place that the water is coming from, explaining this sudden rush.

As Sarah does some research she realizes that Quebec are using Greylock as a “pawn sacrifice” by making sure the water flows down to them.

In order to combat that, Sarah decides to organize everyone together and dig a trench. The only way to do this though is using Lydon’s equipment. Oh, would you look at that? The exact company that Sarah has been protesting against is now being given the greenlight to dig up the infrastructure of the town.

Well, Lydon refuse to help so Sarah decides to organize all her gang together to steal the machines after-hours. Remember when there was a whole subplot about stolen equipment that led to immigration and crime debates in Greylock? Yeah, me too.

Anyway it works, with the water rerouted down. There’s still some damage and flooding, with some of the town underwater, but the threat is completely thwarted for now. Lydon are not exactly thrilled when they find out, with the Chief promising to drop the hammer down when he finds out who’s responsible.

On thee back of this, Danny decides to get a transfer out of Greylock. The pain is just too raw and given his feelings for Corrine, he decides it’s best to leave. When he breaks the news to her, Corrine has a panic attack just as everyone shows up to see her.

The Episode Review

So Sarah decides to ditch her ethics and decides the best route forward is to steal equipment from Lydon and dig the trenches. Now, I appreciate this is the right thing to do in the grand scheme of things but it’s still stealing and against the law no matter what way you look at it.

It’s also made worse by the fact this exact subplot was brought up a while back when tackling crime and immigration.

Anyway, the show has bungled most of its big plot points and while the characters themselves are a bit of a mixed bag, the actual logic is thrown completely out the window. Even worse, given all the establishing shots of fast-moving water, we don’t even get shots of this affecting the town or even rushing past the sandbags, which is really disappointing given the preview for this episode last week.

With less than a handful of episodes to go, it remains to be seen how this one will end up.

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