The Recruit – Season 1 Episode 7 “I.M.F.T.B.S.” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of The Recruit season 1 starts with a flashback to three years ago when Owen and Hannah were in law school. Hannah wanted to borrow a book but the librarian denied her request as it was a reference book. Hannah needed this before her exams the next day and was desperate. Owen encourages her to steal the book for the night and that is how their relationship started.

Back in the present, Max and Owen are heading to Geneva and she asks him to act like her boy toy. Max asks him to rely on each other as their fates are currently tied to each other.

Back in the States, Hannah wakes up in the morning worried about where Owen is. Linus reveals that Owen left for Geneva. It looks like he spent the night with Terence, at least their date went well.  Hannah receives a call from her mom asking to meet her downstairs so she can drive her to work.  On the ride to work, Hannah’s mom asks her to get her current boyfriend, Jeff to do her a favour.

Her mom wants Hannah to ask Jeff for information about a  meeting that took place at the White House a week prior. Hannah says she is not comfortable but her mom tells her that is how things work out in Washington, access and favours. It is the same way she got her job so her mom expects her to ask Jeff about the meeting.

She lies to Jeff that she needs information for work and asks if she knows about the meeting. Jeff trusts her and wants to help her impress her boss so he tells her about the meeting and the people who attended it. Sadly, it turns out to be a trap and Jeff gets fired. Hannah gets angry at her mom for tricking her and getting Jeff fired.

In Geneva, Owen and Max arrive safely and head to their hotel where they meet Xander waiting in their room. Max threatens Xander to expose his secrets if he gives her reason to.  Xander agrees to play nice and they discuss the plans for the operation. Max is worried if Krill ( the local mafia boss )knows she is already in Geneva. Xander tells her that he may find out soon if he doesn’t as half the staff at the hotel is on his payroll.

He asks her to keep a low profile until the next morning when they go to the bank.  Before leaving, he hands over a flash cable to Owen. Owen asks Max to stay out of trouble as he goes to the Consulate. Max stays back removing the bugs Xander put in their room. She also orders a watch with a GPS on it.

Dawn calls Xander and tells him that Max found all the cameras and bugs he left in their room. She asks him not to mess up her operations and she informs him, Standish (the soldier who Owen and Lester forced to sign child support papers) and his team have arrived in Germany.

Owen visits the Consulate and calls Janus who informs him that things with the missile’s operation are going from bad to worse. Owen tells him that the only way to save themselves is to make everything confusing.  If everything is as confusing as possible, it will be hard to get to the truth. Janus agrees that it is the stupidest yet most genius thing ever that Owen has ever said.

Owen heads out for a drink after his call with Janus and meets a young lady named Marta. He believes she is a foreign agent trying to “sexpionage” him. Marta hurriedly leaves after denying knowing what he is talking about. Owen later has dinner with Max at a restaurant as Violet and Lester spy on them. Max gives Owen the watch with a GPS as a gift and Owen cluelessly accepts it.

During dinner, Owen tries to ask Max about her plans and the secret she has about Xander. Max tells him only the secret relating to Xander, apparently, he was having an affair with Krill’s wife. Krill offered a bounty to find out who was sleeping with his wife but no one has ever offered him an answer.

As Owen and Max enjoy their dinner, she spots one of Krill’s men at the restaurant. She confronts him at the restaurant’s restrooms and sends a message to Krill through him. Later, she and Owen get back to their hotel room and have sex.

The next morning, Owen and Max head to the bank and try to access the funds in her sanctioned bank account. The teller tells them that he is unable to access the account. Owen realizes that he mixed up the time (he didn’t calculate the time difference between Geneva and America.) He tries to call Linus and Terence but they are asleep. He calls Lester and he pretends to be too sick to find Linus. He calls Amelia and asks her for help.

She goes to Owen’s apartment and asks Linus to call back Owen. Hannah asks if Owen is okay and Amelia tells her he is fine for now. Linus tells Owen there is nothing he can do as the account has been red-flagged after their first attempt. Hannah decides to pack her bags and travel to Geneva because Owen needs her. She convinces Terence to come with her to find and rescue Owen.

As Owen and Max leave the bank, he spots the surveillance car with Lester and Violet inside. He asks Lester and Violet to help him, they are joined by Xander and they brainstorm together. Owen decides to use leverage to threaten the teller, unfortunately, he can’t access the account but he agrees to let Max check her safety deposit box.

Max opens her safety box and gives Owen a gun. He sees a picture of Max with her daughter and asks her about the name of the child. Max tells him her name was Karolina. She grabs a document from the box and calls Krill from the phone of the guy she beat in the restaurant’s toilet. She plans a meeting with Krill and asks Owen to sneak out and leave the rest of the team behind. They turn off their phones and secretly leave the bank.

They meet with Krill and Max asks about the bounty for telling Krill who was sleeping with his wife. She gives him photos of Xander and his wife sleeping together. She asks him to send the money to a man named Lev and tells him that she is planning to come back to the fold. He tells her that it will be difficult but she says she is ready to face it. Owen is not happy that Max sold Xander out but it is already done.

In the meantime, Xander goes back to Owen and Max’s hotel room to check if they are there. He gets attacked by an assassin wearing a black hoodie. He tries to fight back but the assassin is stabbed and falls off the balcony, dying in the process.

At that moment, Max and Owen arrive to find Xander’s body lying on a car in the streets. They run away as the local police arrive. Hannah and Terence arrive at the same time too and see Owen walking away from the scene with Max. Owen thinks he has seen Hannah but he is not sure.

The Episode Review

It was a terrible idea for Hannah to follow Owen to Geneva. I know love is blind but she should have thought harder about this. Terence should have stopped her too. At the end of the day, Owen is working for the CIA, it is already dangerous. How is she going to save him?

I doubt that Krill got to Xander that quickly, someone else must have killed him but why? How will his death affect the operation?

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