The Recruit – Season 1 Episode 2 “N.L.T.S.Y.P.” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of The Recruit starts with a five-year flashback in Minsk, Belarus. Max was still an active double agent and was meeting some people at the opera. One of the men she was working with secretly warns that the council meeting is about her.

She gets another call from a man named Xander, warning her that assassins are coming for her. She spots two men making their way towards her and starts making a run for it. They corner her in the toilet and she kills them. Xander makes Max an offer to go to America or stay behind and die. Max is left with no choice and only asks not to be abandoned in the US. Unfortunately, Xander abandons her and her attempts to contact him through the CIA are futile.

In the present time, Hannah is worried that Owen has been subpoenaed by the Senate Intelligence Committee. Owen tells her that the subpoena is the least of his problems and refuses to clarify further. Terrence advises him to get leverage by getting information.

On his drive to work, he gets a call from Max asking where her money is. He tells her that he left the money as instructed but she doesn’t believe him. She reminds that he needs to work on getting her out of prison or she will go public. He tries to convince her to tell him about the classified documents and even offers to fly to meet her but she turns the offer down.

Owen decides to do a deeper investigation on Max but the search still comes up empty. In the meantime, Violet and Lester are snooping around in his office and they lie to him that they are trying to support him. They offer to teach him how the place works especially when it comes to dating. He turns their offers down and they all head over to the staff meeting.

At the staff meeting, everyone updates Nyland using codes but Owen makes a mistake and overshares. Nyland asks him to learn to keep details classified and to handle the “squeaky wheel” situation quickly.

Elsewhere in prison, Max gets attacked by another inmate who tries to shank her but luckily she fights back and wins. Owen worries that the CIA might have something to do with it and Nyland finds it offensive that he even asked. He orders Owen to fly to Phoenix and handle the situation.

He meets with  Max and assures her that they didn’t put a hit on her and she tells him that it was retaliation from the men who got burned by acid. One of the men is named Talco and he is the boss. He wants her dead over the money and paid an inmate to do the job. Owen promises to prepare a peace agreement and let Max handle Talco. Max threatens the inmate to either work for her by being a double agent or she will kill her family.

Owen calls Violet and asks for her help in getting Max’s case into the federal system. She and Lester offer to introduce him to Amelia who wants sexual favours for her help. In the meantime, Owen chooses to stay at a motel in Phoenix and gets attacked by Talco. He takes them to the cash after Talco and his goon threaten to torture him. He later texts Max letting her know that he gave Talco the money as planned.

Owen flies back home and while talking with So he gets a clue to misspell Max’s name and run it through the database. He gets only one hit and most of the information is redacted. Luckily, the name of the case officer is not redacted. He asks Nyland to allow him to meet with the case officer who is currently in Vienna.

Nyland asks him to be careful and not let his guard down. This time Owen follows protocol and gets his black diplomatic passport from Violet.

However, Owen forgets Nyland’s advice and misses the fact that he is being followed on his way to meet with the case officer. The case officer calls him through the restaurant and asks him to meet at the embassy as he has no plans of blowing his cover.

At the embassy, he meets Xander, the case officer for Max’s last operation in Belarus. Xander is not forthcoming but after a few hand twists, he agrees to give Owen all the files he has on Max. The next morning, Owen calls Max (she is a connected criminal, she has a secret phone under her bed.) to tell her he found the leverage she has on them.

He tells her that the meeting was difficult but he is on his way to the airport. She asks to know which agent he talked to and warns him that her leverage is deadly enough to get people killed. At that moment, Owen realizes that his driver is a female assassin and Max tells him to kill her. Owen is hesitant to commit murder so he overpowers her and makes a run for it.

He runs through the streets, steals a car and gets into an accident as one more assassin chases him. Max, still on the phone, tries to help him navigate the city and get away and asks to jump into a river and swim to get away. He follows her advice and swims his way to freedom from the assassins.

The Episode Review

Owen is new to this so he is still trusting and naive which is sad because the wolves are close by and can smell blood, coming in the form of his inexperience. I am curious to see if he will make it out of Vienna and find the person who ordered a hit on him. Is it Xander, the Russians or Not Bob?

Either way, Owen needs to grasp that he is a gazelle in the Savannah Jungle and there are many predators lurking close by.

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