The Rain – Season 3 Episode 6 (The Finale) Recap & Review

And This Too Shall Pass

Martin’s Dead

A heavy loss hangs over the group. The season 3 finale of The Rain begins with Simone bringing one of their own back to the group as they look on in shock. Unable to deal with the grief, she locks herself in the caravan and hides from the others. Kira arrives though and tries to comfort her.

As Simone mourns Martin’s death, Rasmus rallies the troops. He’s intent on killing Simone and tells the troops to follow the signal and kill her.

Meanwhile, the plant re-sprouts again after seemingly feeding off the virus. It turns out Martin’s inadvertent stumble last episode actually saved them. As the group hear footsteps outside, they investigate and find Fie and Patrick who both find the oasis. It’s here they discover that Martin is dead. However, Fie has more pressing matters to deal with as she clutches her stomach and realizes that she’s going to have the baby.

Unfortunately Rasmus is on the way – on foot no less – with all his soldiers surrounding him. Daniel stands up and decides to help them. Luna helps too, handing over her necklace which happens to hold a vial of the antidote within.

The Plan

With Rasmus marching on their location, the group decide to use fire to separate Rasmus while luring him to where the flower is. A bit higher up and suspiciously exposed, Kira readies a sniper rifle. She dabs a bullet in the nectar and decides to use that to snipe out Rasmus and kill him.

With everything in place, and Fie continuing to feel contractions, the first wave of soldiers arrive and immediately outwit the group at the caravan. A coughing Rasmus marches on as Sarah pleads with him not to kill the others. Only, he’s not going to listen and heads down to find them.

Meanwhile, as Patrick is held up at gunpoint, Sarah interjects and saves them. “Are we the baddies?” She asks, as the show unintentionally gives a throwback to that Mitchell and Webb sketch asking the same question. The point stands though, as the line between right and wrong starts to blur for her. Fie holds her hand and pleads with Sarah to help before it’s too late.

The Trap

The trap is sprung and Rasmus takes the bait. He and his fellow soldiers head up to the warehouse but it’s not Rasmus who heads in first. It turns out he’s not as dumb as they thought and now their chance for curing him has passed.

Rasmus does eventually head in afterwards though and confronts his sister. Unblinking, he tells his goons to kill them all while he focuses on Simone. Simone tries her best to get through to him but as everyone converges around the plant, Rasmus finds his group have turned to Simone’s cause.

It’s enough for Rasmus to suddenly snap, outstretching his arms and letting the virus clump together in the air. “I just wanted you by my side,” He screams at her as the flower calls to him. Just before he fully envelops himself in the plant and lets it consume the virus, Sarah holds him tightly. A massive shock-wave blasts the entire group back as the virus appears to have disappeared.

Simone awakens and watches on as the plant evaporates. Most of the group are fine but all those connected with Rasmus are dead. As the plants seem to have a life of their own, they wrap Rasmus up and sprout a new flower by his side.

In the wake of all this, Simone clutches a vial of the virus-killing plant and tells her brother she loves him. She intends to change the world with the others as they step out and brave this new, desolate wasteland with renewed vigor.

The Episode Review

So there we have it, The Rain ends without a single drop of rain spilled and a simple but emotionally engaging finale that does just enough to tick all the boxes. Having said that though, it’s hard not to come away a bit underwhelmed and disappointed by this one.

The entirety of season 2 was taken up with the search for an antidote and it turns out this macguffin was there with them the whole time in a form of a plant that can take away the virus. While the ideas are nice, the execution certainly leaves a lot to be inspired. That’s before even mentioning the contrived notion of the side-quest in episode 4.

Still, The Rain gives a decent enough conclusion for most of our characters while leaving the door open for a possible spin-off/sequel in the future. Whether that will actually arrive or not, remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure though, this sci-fi series could definitely have done with more rain.

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