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Love Yourself

Simone & The Gang

Episode 5 of The Rain Season 3 begins with Simone walking away from Daniel to get some air. Only, when she hears a twig snapping she realizes Martin is right there. Only, he’s clearly not himself and their reunion is far from happy for him.

As they sit and talk, he admits that Rasmus killed Sten and he’s trying to help them. He goes on to exude details about peace and a new world, which Simone senses is a little suspect. However, she continues on and tells Martin about the serum.

Despite the plant being dead, the last vial she holds may be their key to salvation. Only, Martin rejects her and turns away from it, continuing on with trying to convince Simone to join Rasmus.

Daniel and the others bury the dead and pay their respects. Soon after, he speaks to Simone who despairs and starts doubting whether this single vial will save them after all. This brings Martin into the fold but Daniel immediately distrusts him.

However, Simone decides to visit Rasmus herself and see if he’s really changed. On the way back she tries handing over the vial of nectar to Daniel. Thankfully he at least sees sense and tells her to keep it.

After burning her necklace last episode, Kira struggles to control her emotions. She wanted to kill Sten herself and hearing he’s dead isn’t enough for her. However, Jean arrives and offers comforts, allowing the girl to sob into his shoulder.


Back at Apollon, Fie and Sarah discuss Rasmus’ wounds and his wavering control of the virus. Eventually, they agree to work together.

Meanwhile, Rasmus checks his arm and notices the black tendrils of the virus coursing through his veins. When Fie arrives, she looks at his blood samples and realizes the virus is starting to mutate and slow down. This means that he may not be able to infect anyone else with this virus.

Just as Rasmus is about to help cure more people, Sarah bursts in and tries to convince him not to. When she fails to get through to him, Sarah threatens to kill an innocent guard. This prompts him to leave and eventually lock her up in a room. “I’m sorry, I can’t let you stop me” he says, as the door locks behind him.

Love Sick

Jean and Kira decide to stay behind at the farm while Martin and Simone leave together, heading back to Apollon. On the road though, Martin tries to hurry Simone up but she’s tired and struggles to move. Instead, she tells Martin that she loves him.

Back at the farm Daniel is love-sick over Simone. However, he has bigger fish to fry when he notices the virus has got into their oasis. As we know, that virus comes from Martin. Thankfully, they too realize Martin is infected.

Meanwhile, Martin awakens just as Rasmus grows weaker. Panting and desperate, he rushes down to the shore and struggles to control the virus. When Simone shows up however, he manages to get the virus under control.

Home Truths

While walking, Simone learns that Sarah is still alive. Martin claims that Rasmus can cure people and that he’s a changed man. Only, as black veins start to show on his face and hands, Simone realizes he’s been lying. He’s infected and part of the hive mind.

She pleads with him to take the antidote and cure himself but the black cloud swarms around her. As it does, Simone runs away and smashes the vial. The cure is gone.

However, Martin scrambles over and manages to salvage a single drop. As he swallows what he can, he chokes out on the floor and dies. This consequently has a knock-on affect with Rasmus too, who suddenly bursts into black clouds again.

Because of this, Rasmus  snaps and tells his goons that they need to track down and kill Simone. Patrick overhears this and grabs Fie, scrambling for her to leave the facility.

The Episode Review

With the serum now gone, all eyes turn the finale as we’re left to question quite how they’re going to stop Rasmus. The wavering motivations for Simone are just silly too. Why would she suddenly trust Rasmus now after everything that’s happened? I understand he’s her brother but even so, trying to palm off the cure and go it alone is just a suicide mission.

The other pressing issue, as we near the end of this third season, is with the rain itself. It’s now rained once in two seasons, which negates the original premise a little. However, this episode does bring a pretty significant casualty with Martin’s death. It’s also arguably one of the big highlights of this season.

The finale should be quite the emotional affair now, roll on the final episode!

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