The Rain – Season 3 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Be The Change 

Simone & The Rescue Mission

We begin episode 4 of The Rain Season 3 with a flashback of Kira as a child, bundled out of Arabia and into the back of a truck by her Mother. As they huddle together, she clutches her necklace, which happens to hold a symbol of her star sign.

Back in the present, the group argue over where Luna may be. However, a shoe with “Mat” (food) written on it makes them realize Luna is alive and the survivors who have her captive want to trade for food.

As we cut across to that group, we see Luna brought up to a high rise apartment building where the group are residing. Led by a bearded man, he tells Luna that he wants to survive.

Outside, Simone and the others arrive on the scene and shout up, informing the group they have food for everyone. Unfortunately Simone and the others receive a rude welcoming. Items are thrown out the window at them, forcing the pair to abandon Plan A and find an alternate route to rescue Luna.

Predictably, when they make it inside they’re completely outnumbered and forced to drop their weapons. It turns out these survivors want the liquid for curing the virus and until they hand it over, Luna will remain with them.

Eventually the two groups come to a deal and agree to hand over a vial of the serum in exchange for letting them go. However, before they leave the man offers them all a can of coke as a peace offering.

Simone heads up on the roof where we hear more about this man. He has no family and lost his gang, forced to stay with the kids after the rain instead. Only, this deal was obviously too good to be true. As Simone takes a swig of her drink, she collapses on the ground.

When she awakens, Jean helps bust them out but find the flower gone and the group of survivors nowhere to be seen. Thankfully, Luna is safe and the group hurry back to the warehouse .

Unfortunately when they get there, they find the survivors completely decimated at the hands of this flower.


Martin awakens from the viral infection and breathes deeply. He immediately tells Patrick to join them before looking around, “Where’s Rasmus?”

Rasmus, as it turns out, is now leading Apollon into this brave new world. Gathering the board, he tells them he intends to change things up. When one stands and defies him, Rasmus infects the man with the virus and kills him. Fie sees this from the doorway though and scrambles away in disgust. Sarah however, holds him back from following and encourages Rasmus to keep his emotions in check.

Martin unfortunately learns the truth about Simone and sees the scanner for himself. Realizing what this means, he rushes off to confront Rasmus. Getting nowhere, Martin instead decides to head out and see Simone himself.

Meanwhile, Rasmus starts looking at all the infected and promises to give them the virus. With each of them lined up and given the suppressant, Rasmus starts to do just that. Only, midway through he starts to lose focus and feel groggy. This constant power drain is clearly having a toll on him.

After a short break, he turns to Fie and retorts that he wants to give her the virus next “for her protection”. Given they don’t know whether it would harm the baby or not, Fie’s left shaken over this revelation and starts to reject Rasmus.

The Reunion

Back from the warehouse, Simone and the others sit and discuss the past. Kira calls her a child and reminds her that whatever she chooses, it’s going to cause casualties.

However, Martin happens to be watching from afar and he spies Simone and Daniel sitting together. As he watches from the shadows, he watches as Daniel leans forward and kisses Simone. This will almost certainly pose problems going forward. As Martin closes his eyes, Rasmus opens his confirming that these two are connected as a hive mind.

The Episode Review

In the middle of this final conflict to save the fate of the world, we get a side quest to save Luna. This stand-alone segment completely derails the tension of the series and given it’s resolved by the end, feels like a way of dragging the show out unnecessarily. The Gus-Fring reveal of the leader at the end certainly doesn’t help either.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong but if they knew the location of the plant and the flower from scouting them at the farm why not just head straight there and stealth their way in?

Speaking of contrivances, you’d think Simone would know better than to trust a strange man with a random can of coke. Alas, that’s obviously not going to happen after all this time. Still, we march on.

With two episodes left, it looks like The Rain will finally be returning to our main conflict again.

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