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Stay Strong

Simone and The Survivors

Episode 3 of The Rain Season 3 begins with Jean and Kira sitting out in the woods, convinced that they won’t find Simone. However, midway through talking Daniel bursts out from the trees and warns that his Father is after Simone. She needs their help and time is running out. Although Simone is cornered, the kids rush in and save her at the last second. Against his Father’s wishes, Daniel leads them toward where the flower extract is. Unbeknownst to them though, someone happens to be watching from the shadows.

With the extract in hand, Simone shows the flower working in its natural environment before telling Jean her plan. She intends to use the flower on Rasmus, given he’s the virus.

Back at the caravan, they leave Jean in charge of watching the family while Daniel leads the others to where the flower is located. Only, when Daniel tries to extract the nectar, the petals start closing.

Although they manage to extract a few vials worth of antidote, the plant reacts violently and shoots razor sharp daggers at them all, forcing the group to retire. When they return to camp, they find Daniel’s Father in a bad way with an arrow through his shoulder for his troubles. They’re not alone.

While Kira heads out to have a look, Simone pulls the arrow straight out of him. It’s a pretty stupid thing to do but Simone seems un-phased, telling them to heal up.

After Jean and Luna’s heart to heart, the group decide to lay low for the day before heading back to the cabin. Only, when they get there Luna seems to gave gone missing.


Rasmus continues to experience visions, this time of Simone from their childhood. Back in the present though, Sarah learns that Rasmus hasn’t told Sten what he intends to do yet.

With him believing Simone is dead, Martin discusses the possibility of Rasmus helping to indoctrinate him into Apollon culture. He tells Patrick to destroy the scanner but before he can, guards arrive and request their presence.

Sten makes his move and captures Patrick and Martin in a room together. At the same time, Rasmus is approached by Sten. He reveals how he created the rain to make the world a better place. He wanted to change the world and have people tell him he’s the one who saved them. Of course, it didn’t work out as he created death rather than life.

It turns out Sten was the one fully behind what happened to Rasmus and he’s not happy that Rasmus has chosen Martin rather than him for this experiment. In retaliation, Sten starts to torture Sarah with fire as a way of coercing him into agreeing to give him the virus.

Before that though, Sten tests his powers by forcing Rasmus to give a young girl called Olivia the virus. In doing so, he brings her back to full health (minus the virus of course!) Only, he feigns side effects until he’s alone with the doctor and requests to see Martin.

Deciding to turn against Apollon, Rasmus frees Patrick and Martin before tasking them to find Sarah. To keep up appearances, he heads back to see Sten and conducts his experiment on him. As he sees Sarah alive and watching from the window, Rasmus injects the virus into Sten and kills the head of Apollon.

Next up is Martin, who hears first-hand from Luna what this hive-mind virus is really like. Given he’s only doing this because he believes Simone is dead, it’s going to cause some pretty awkward conversations when he finds out she’s still alive.

They don’t have to wait long either, as Patrick and Fie hear the scanner start to register Simone’s appearance. Racing up to the medical bay, they realize they’re too late as the virus starts doing its work after the immuno-suppressant has been administered.

The Episode Review

This is the episode where everything starts to unravel in The Rain. Like raindrops against a piece of paper, the thin foundations are starting to buckle and lose their shape. This entire plan seems completely contrived and nonsensical. Sten has Sarah tortured so Rasmus will inject just the right amount of virus. Only, as we’ve seen in the past Rasmus is incredibly strong and could easily kill him.

Of course, that’s exactly what he does. Sten seems like a pretty poor leader if he’s that naive and it feels like a cheap way to kill this man off.

Alongside that, it looks like we’re marching full-force into this plot surrounding the flower saving the day. As we pass the halfway mark, of this final season, The Rain stumbles – rather than marches – toward the finish line.


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