The Rain – Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Never Let Go

Simone and The Survivors

Episode 2 of The Rain Season 3 begins with Simone’s unconscious body floating down the river. As she reaches land, hands cling to her shoulders and drag her away.

She’s taken to a caravan owned by that same boy and girl we saw in the first episode. Only, this time we learn more about them. His name is Daniel and she’s Luna. With Simone’s tracker dead, she’s safe and off the grid.

As they keep talking, Simone tells them that the virus has spread outside the Quarantine Zone. Believing there’s no hope, Daniel instead brings her outside to show her the miraculous changed lanscape. Although they’re surrounded by the virus, this place seems like an oasis by comparison with blossomed flowers and a picturesque lake.

As they get talking, they encounter a distrusting man who tells her she needs to leave once she’s fit and able to do so. It’s here we cut back in time and see the devastating effects of this virus firsthand as Daniel watches the rain pour down and kill those caught in it.

The MacGuffin

Back in the present, Simone learns that there is a solution to the virus. As Luna leads her to the edge of the oasis, she reveals a vial holding a strange orange nectar. A single drop instantly fights back against the virus. Whatever this flower is, it holds the key to saving the world.

With Simone watching from afar, she spies Daniel heading into an abandoned warehouse and follows after when he leave. Inside, Simone sees the flower blossoming in an abandoned swimming pool. Unfortunately she’s caught in the act and forced to leave.

Eventually she sits with the family and admits what’s going on with Rasmus. With everything about to be destroyed, the only way to stop him may be to use the flower to stop him. Having heard enough, Simone faces certain death until she’s saved at the last second by Daniel, who tells her to run.


Back at Apollon, Rasmus and Sarah spend a passionate morning together. He encourages her to meet Sten as she’s living proof that his powers have positive side effects. Only, she clearly isn’t as trusting as he is and worries about the path Rasmus is taking.

Martin saves himself by feigning unconsciousness. As they let their guard down, he knocks out two goons on the verge of burying him.

At the same time, Fie and Patrick are taken to a room where Fie’s baby can be kept safe. Martin breaks in just in time though and frees them both.

As they walk through the facility, Fie sees Sarah alive and well. She admits to having been dead in the past and that Rasmus brought her back. With Sten lurking in the background, he tells them to follow. While Martin is hesitant, Patrick and Fie decide to trust him and stick around.

A Glass Half Full

Martin is brought before Rasmus who confirms Simone is dead. Given there’s no signal, Martin has a tough choice to make regarding his future. As Martin struggles to hold back tears, Rasmus leaves.

After what’s happened, Fie remains distant with Sarah, still in shock over her returning from the dead. Realizing they can all become like her, Fie rejects Sarah’s offer.

Die speaks to Rasmus instead and contemplates whether they should really save the others or not, especially given how they shunned them. When Rasmus mentions “the sick ones”, Sarah requests they head in and see.

Once there, they find all of them lying dead on the floor, including Mathilde. Sten happens to be the one behind this. As Rasmus looks set to kill him, the Apollon boss reminds him that if he dies, he’ll never get answers to Sarah’s immunity and what’s happening with her. Regretfully, he keeps him alive for now.

Fie stumbles upon a solution to the virus in her room while Patrick is making a glass of water. Sarah’s immunity came from the lack of antibodies to fight back. With no resistance, the virus could just move in like an empty parking spot. This means if they could suppress the immune system of individuals, they could theoretically use that to give people the virus.

With this newfound knowledge, they approach Martin and ask for his help.

The Episode Review

With the arrival of the flower, The Rain goes full on macguffin to resolve its conflict. This feels like a cheap way to tie everything up together, especially given the flower seemingly only grows in one specific spot. What is this flower? Where did it come from? Why has no one researched this?

Given the entirety of season 2 was taken up with Simone trying to find a cure for Rasmus, this renders a lot of that season pointless given how quickly they’ve stumbled upon a solution.

With everyone suddenly trusting Apollon and Simone on the run again, the future of The Rain’s third season looks bleak.

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