The Rain – Season 3 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Don’t Give Up

The Rain is back for its third and final season. After the cliffhanger last season, this sci-fi thriller wastes little time getting right to the heart of the drama. While we don’t see much of Sarah here, the opening episode goes get off to a pretty good start, reintroducing us to all these characters while showing just how far Rasmus has fallen.

Episode 1 of The Rain Season 3 begins as sirens wail overhead. A man named Sebastian scrambles out from his house and is eventually hit by a bus. It appears as if the virus has spread outside the Quarantine Zone now and this frantic opener sets the scene for what’s to follow.

3 Months Later

It’s been three months since the events of last season and we return to find a restless Rasmus awakening from a vivid nightmare. Looking back at him through a glass cage, Sten reminds him that Sarah is dead and it’s best he forgets about Simone. However, Rasmus tells the Apollon boss that if he doesn’t find her, then he’ll do it himself.

Although he’s inside this glass box, it’s completely voluntary and he’s been told he can leave whenever he wants. Sten changes tact slightly and goads Rasmus into continuing to work with Apollon, asking him to work with them to find his sister.

The Survivors

Martin and Simone camp high up in the mountains with the remaining survivors, including Fie, Jean and Kira. They’re still in the Quarantine Zone of course, but as the camera pans across to the walls, it’s clear they’re close to the edge.

Given Fie and Simone are the only ones without capsules in their body, Kira reminds Martin that these two are their only hope. As they pack up their stuff and get moving again, Jean continues to feel rage-consuming grief in the wake of Lea’s death. Although Simone reminds him that he’s not to blame, Jean tells her it’s Rasmus’ fault. The stern look he gives her almost foreshadows that he may be a big part of what happens going forward. For now though, that’s just a hunch.

As the group gather, they go over their plan which involves infiltrating a tunnel. This will help see them through to the other side of the Quarantine zone. With the virus spreading and their future hanging in the balance, Martin regretfully says goodbye to Simone.

However, Sten is ready for what they have planned. With scouts watching their every move, one of the guards feeds back to him that Simone is coming and trucks are sent out to their location. However, there’s one wild card they didn’t account for. A small boy and girl watch Simone enter the tunnel and question what she’s doing.

Capturing The Survivors

Down in the tunnels, Fie and Simone are separated by a laser forcing the latter to go on alone. As she does, Simone steps out of the Quarantine and into the lush beauty of the world beyond. There, she finds a quaint, abandoned house. Within that house happens to be a radio broadcasting an emergency message about the virus breaking out.

Simone turns around and heads back (how did she get through the lasers?) allowing herself and Fie to be captured by Apollon. As they travel together, Simone tells Fie the horrible truth that the virus has broken out. As they’re taken away, Martin and the others realize the duo have been captured and follow in hot pursuit.

Sibling Rivalry

Apollon take their two captives to a camp where the nurse takes Fie away to keep her safe – especially given this will be the first child born inside the Quarantine Zone. Simone meanwhile, is brought before Rasmus.

Simone admits that the virus has spread outside the Quarantine Zone. “The old world is disappearing, we’re making a new one,” Rasmus tells her as Simone holds her head in exasperation. Sten has clearly dug his slimy tendrils deep into Rasmus’ head. This is a very different Rasmus than the one Simone remembers and he looks to have been corrupted. As she mentions a cure again, Rasmus looks set to explode with rage.

It’s enough for Rasmus and Simone to take some time apart, at least to let Simone see more of the base. She’s taken into a room where she learns what Apollon really have planned. One of the patients, a girl called Mathilde is going to have the virus injected into her in a desperate bid to try and give her the same powers Rasmus has. She goes on to call him a hero and clings to that small shred of hope that this could cure her.

Outside the base, the ragtag survivors band together and formulate a plan to sneak into camp. Given how unstable Jean is, he’s told to stay behind. Kira, Patrick and Martin trick a couple of guards and break into camp. Just before heading in, they see Fie being moved. Patrick immediately bursts into the tent though, knocking the guards to the ground.

Rasmus meanwhile continues to experience hallucinations of Sarah. However, he soon snaps out of this when Simone brings Mathilde to him. Simone and Rasmus eventually come to blows over the future and he struggles to control his powers. It’s just the opportunity Simone needs and she bolts from the room while Sten watches on the monitors.

The Escape

As sirens wail and guards look to try and find Simone, Rasmus eventually confronts Simone outside the facility on a bridge high up above the water. Sten’s there too along with a whole swarm of guards. As Rasmus approaches her on the bridge, Fie stands inside the facility with a clear sniper shot. Martin notices Simone too, given he’s also inside the building. Everyone watches in horror as Simone makes a big decision and dives off the bridge. She plunges deep into the waterfalls below as Rasmus struggles to control his powers.

However, Sarah waltzes into the glass cage some time later and throws her arms around him, which is where the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Has Simone survived the plunge into the water? And what will the fate be for the rest of the survivors? There’s lots of questions hanging over this one and the final fight is finally here. It seems clear that the big conflict will be Rasmus VS Simone.

It’s a simple enough idea and one that’s backed up with some nice visuals and an intriguing prologue hook. Given Rasmus is starting to sink into darkness, could Sarah hold the key to him finding the light again?

We’ll have to wait and see of course but there’s also the subject of Jean too. Given what he’s going through, it seems like he may play a big part in what happens in the future. Even if he’s not though, the conflict with Apollon takes a turn for the worst. As half our survivors wind up captured and Simone’s life hangs in the balance, a big cliffhanger will see you scrambling to watch the next episode.

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