The Rain – Season 2 Episode 6 “Survival of the Fittest” – The Finale Recap & Review


Let It Rain

The Rain has felt like a very different show for much of its run-time this season and the finale is no exception. We pick up where the last episode left off with the group grieving over the loss of Lea. Rasmus is devastated when he finds out what he has done to Lea and falls into a world of grief himself.

Meanwhile, Martin and Patrick who were making their way back to the base get captured and taken to Sten and Kira. They tell Sten that they know that if anyone tries to cure the virus, it will only make it worse however Sten wants to learn from Rasmus’ condition. Sten then orders Kira to kill them both but she takes them to the woods, explaining to them that she is on their side and also wants to take down Apollon.

In a flashback, we see Kira and her mum running away. Her mum tells her she has to destroy Apollon by convincing them that she is in on their side. She also kills herself in the process which leads us back to the base where Rasmus tries to apologize to Jean. Fie promises Sarah that she will take care of her as she really cared for her brother while Fie and Simone celebrate as they realize Rasmus is finally cured.

Back in the field, two women survivors arrive at the base and order Jean to tell them where Rasmus is. He complies and tells them he will show them. The two women then manage to infiltrate the base and take both Rasmus and Sarah hostage. Simone finds a dazed Jean who admits to her that Apollon have taken Rasmus and that it is all her fault. As the two women try to leave, Rasmus pretends to have a seizure which makes the kidnappers run away.

The Apollon soldiers and the recruited survivors then make their way to the base, following Kira and the two men who go in through a secret entrance. Simone and Fie then tell Rasmus and Sarah they need to leave as Apollon are coming. Meanwhile, Martin and Kira are stopped by Jean who tells them to bring him Rasmus or he will sound the alarm.

As they all try to run away, Simone reunites with Martin while Kira meets with Jean who tells her he is going to kill Rasmus. She begs him to reconsider but as the others arrive, Jean spots Rasmus and presses the button, sounding the deafening alarm. He then has a vision of Lea telling him not to go through with this which he ignores for now.

The remaining group then run away, desperate to escape bullets from soldiers but one hits Sarah in the stomach. As the group stand over her in shock, just before she dies Rasmus kisses her. This kill awakens a rage inside Rasmus who goes on a rampage, as black clouds of virus swarm and surround him, flooring the soldiers with tremendous force, killing them all instantly.

Seeing the destruction Rasmus has left in his wake, Simone confronts him over his actions, holding him at gunpoint. He angrily tells her that she needs to leave him alone as she has no idea how he feels. As Rasmus spots Martin and starts unleashing the virus on him, Simone shoots. Thanks to his fast healing ability, he walks away unscathed but, shocked that his sister shot him, decides to hand himself in to Sten.

The season then ends with Sarah waking up with the virus inside her and a big cliffhanger with many unanswered questions hanging over the series. Despite the unnecessary teen drama peppered throughout, the finale itself is tense and thrilling, with enough twists in the tale to keep things entertaining. Given how the show’s premise has changed quite a bit from the first season, focusing on Rasmus new abilities that have now been passed on to Sarah, it’ll be interesting to see if this one gets renewed for a third season.

Of course, those expecting a much more bleak, less supernaturally inclined post apocalyptic thriller will be left disappointed but there’s enough here to make for an entertaining finale nonetheless. Quite where they’ll go with this new twist is up for debate but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out.


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  1. it’s kind of lame that Lea is breathing when she is kissed at the beginning of the episode? is she dead or does the actress suck and cant hold her breath for 2 seconds?

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