The Rain – Season 2 Episode 5 “Keep It Together” Recap & Review

The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Rain returns for episode 5 with the group returning to the base where Sarah seem to be getting worse. While the group tend to her, we flashback to a younger Rasmus in a hospital bed where Sten tells him that he is powerful and has the potential to save everyone.

With these words hanging heavy on his shoulders, Rasmus prepares to receive the cure. Simone tells Lea that Martin and Patrick have left the base while Fie explains to Simone that there is a risk with administrating the cure. Rasmus tells Sarah that he is doing this for her but keeps having visions of a younger version of himself telling him that he shouldn’t be cured. She tells him that although he wants to get rid of his disease, she wishes she had it instead.

Jean decides to asks Simone for some advice regarding Lea. Meanwhile, Sten gathers survivors and enlists their help to find Rasmus; he explains that Rasmus is the key to being free from the virus and promises that the first person to find him, will be able to leave the zone. While the survivors search, Martin and Patrick come across clumps of trees where the virus is spreading rapidly. As they continue on, they find strange labs that all look completely contaminated.

Back at the facility, Rasmus grows restless as he continues to experience more and more visions. Unable to take it any longer, he rushes to the lab and injects himself with the cure against Simone’s wishes. The cure that Rasmus injected himself didn’t work as it wasn’t quite ready and as he struggles to understand the visions, Sarah tells him that maybe he shouldn’t get rid of the virus as it is a part of him.

Continuing to explore the landscape, Martin and Patrick find a room with a man that is covered in the black virus and barely alive. Patrick also notice the skull tattoo that we’ve seen numerous times this season. Before they can question it however, a lab worker arrives and set a countdown on his laptop, injecting the dying man with a cure. Just before the countdown reaches zero, they manage to escape from the room as the patient explodes into a black, gooey mess. Realizing the cure could cause everyone to die, Martin and Patrick race back to the base before it’s too late.

Rasmus tells Simone that he has decided not to take the cure. However, he passes out because Simone has spiked his food. In the lab, Rasmus wakes up and panics, releasing another cloud of virus that he is unable to control. Lea decides to go in to help, sacrificing herself in order to enable Simone to inject the cure into him.

In this penultimate episode, we see an interesting change with Rasmus’ vision taking over, making him doubt what his true purpose is. This certainly helps add some depth to his character while all the usual teenage storylines among the group still feel a bit weak and cliched. It will certainly be intriguing to see how Jean reacts in the next episode though, especially given what happens here. There are still a lot of questions and stories to be resolved; will they all be answered in the next episode or will it end on yet another cliffhanger for a potential season 3? Only time will tell.


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