The Rain – Season 2 Episode 4 “Save Yourself” Recap & Review


A Day At The Theme Park

The Rain returns with Sarah and Rasmus making their way to an amusement park. Anxious to find them, Simone leaves, reluctantly accepting Fie and Martin’s help along the way. As they reach the woods where Rasmus was, they notice black marks on the trees and ground which leads them to their location.

Meanwhile, Patrick finds the video cards on Dennis. As he views the content of the videos, we see Kira and her mum torturing a man and trying to find out how to remove the capsules from their bodies. In this video, the man refuses to talk so Kira’s mum shoots him with the electromagnetic gun and kills him.

While Rasmus and Sarah grow ever closer to one other, the trio following them get ever closer to finding them. Eventually they’re stopped by a bloody Klaus who ambushes them. Still grieving the loss of Johanne, he threatens to kill the group. In a bid to save their lives, Martin decides to tell him how to find Rasmus.

As Sarah continues to grow weaker, Rasmus realises he will never be able to touch her while he continues to struggle with controlling the virus. Sarah envies him for being able to do whatever he wants but all he wants is to go away with her.

Back at the facility, Patrick watches another video where they are experimenting with the gun to remove capsules from a man’s shoulder, but it unfortunately kills him.

Jean has created a chapel for Lea, but she is not happy as she doesn’t think they are safe. Their concerns are certainly warranted too as the Apollon soldiers arrive, ready to capture Rasmus. Rasmus and Sarah finally arrive at the amusement park followed closely by the rest of the group. As the group stand off against Klaus, Martin manages to shoot Klaus. Sarah and Rasmus then make their way to the top of the rollercoaster where Sarah almost kills herself but is saved by Rasmus at the last minute.

Reuniting with the rest of the group, they encounter Kira who threatens to kill Sarah if Rasmus doesn’t come with her. He gets angry, releasing the virus and causing Kira to run away. Back at the base, Patrick, Lea and Jean manage to trap the soldiers and release the same deafening sound seen in the previous episode.

As the others set up camp in the forest for the night, Simone decides to break things off with Martin. Martin then leaves them and return to the base where Patrick shows him one of the videos where the people have found a way to remove the capsules.

This fourth episode starts answering some of the questions raised this year but still leaves a few important ones hanging in the air, especially around Rasmus’ ability which feels like it should be explained better. It’s worth noting too that there’s a few really nice aerial shots in this episode, showing off the post apocalyptic beauty of this world. With only two episodes left, it will be interesting to see what direction this one takes but with a profound lack of rainfall and a changed narrative focus, The Rain feels like a very different show than the one it begun as last year.


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