The Rain – Season 2 Episode 3 “Stay In Control” Recap & Review


The Big Reveal

The Rain picks up where it left off from before with a deeper understanding around Rasmus and his abilities. While Rasmus learns to control the virus, Fie explains to Simone that she should now be able to create a cure but she needs to be fast as the virus is due to mutate again. Simone takes Rasmus to a different room, spending a brief moment with Martin which is interrupted by Patrick, who shows him what he found. This happens to be a strange wrist-device which acts as an electromagnet which Patrick believes may be used to get rid of the capsules that are inside them.

Kira then speaks to Dennis who is locked in a basement and tells him that the survivors have found the base. She’s worried that Apollon might find the video cards with her on them. Sten then sends a message to the base telling them to hand in Rasmus and in exchange he will help them remove the capsules so that they will be able to leave the zone safely. If they don’t cooperate, Apollon will come and get him in 24 hours. By force.

In a flashback, we see Fie’s past and how she distracted her friend whilst driving and caused a serious accident.

The news of Apollon knowing where they all are brings doubt and restlessness within the group. A desperate Rasmus decides to go and see Sarah, asking for her help with his condition. As Fie finds out she is pregnant, we flashback to the aftermath of the accident where the doctor tells her she will not be able to have children and that the other passenger died.

Kira then takes Dennis to the base to retrieve the drawing and the video cards. He also goes looking for the electromagnetic gun but, of course, it’s nowhere to be found. However, he does later stumble upon Patrick and a fight ensues. Dennis manages to take the weapon from him but not before he presses an alarm, causing a deafening sound that throws both of them on the ground.

Rasmus then meets with Sarah to learn how to control the virus. As he releases it again in a cloud of black smoke, everyone witnesses it and realizes that he was the one responsible for the death of all the lab workers. This leaves everyone questioning Simone’s loyalty and worrying about their safety. Martin and Fie decide that Rasmus needs to be handed over to Apollon as they are unable to control him.

Fie then reveals to Sarah that she is pregnant, but she doesn’t take to the news very kindly. While locked in the lab by Martin, Simone appears to have stumbled upon the cure to the virus. After Lea comes to unlock the door, she rushes to find Fie but they soon realize that Rasmus has escaped with Sarah where we leave the episode for now.

Carrying on with the same pacing as the previous episode, as we reach the half way point of this season, more questions are brought to the forefront of the story. While some of the new character arcs are a little weak, the growing relationship between Rasmus and Sarah continues to be a bigger focus which is sure to spark controversy later on down the line. With an injection of urgency from the growing threat of Apollon and a promise of a second half rife with action, The Rain continues to entertain, even if it does feel like a far cry of the show it was last year.


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