The Rain – Season 2 Episode 2 “The Truth Hurts” Recap & Review


When It Rains, It Pours

The Rain returns with its second episode, picking up right where it left off from before. As the alarm bells ring and Simone tries to get into the lab, Rasmus wakes up and sees the dead lab workers. He doesn’t remember what happened though so Simone lies, telling everyone that the workers dropped a virus sample on the floor causing their demise.

Simone then speaks to Fie who tells her that without Jakob she’s unable to map out the virus so Simone decides to go to her old house with Martin to find her father’s computer, which should have all the information they need.

Jakob’s sister, Sarah, emerges from the base and stumbles upon the graves of the workers. In a flashback, it’s explained that Sarah has a disease that is destroying her immune system and that she will need to live in a highly sterile environment. Her brother made her a promise that he will become a doctor to look after her.
Back in present time, Sarah confronts Rasmus about the death of her brother but he denies any responsibility, claiming it to be an accident.

While Patrick is left in charge of the base, he finds an unusual weapon that, when fired, disrupts the electricity. Cracking a joke about fallout, he runs off with the weapon.

Meanwhile, Simone and Martin meet a couple of survivors outside while exploring, Klaus and Joanna, who tell them that the strangers are looking for a boy that could put an end to the virus.  Later on, Simone overhears them talking about turning them in to Apollon. Simone then confronts Joanna about this and, realizing that she doesn’t have a choice, shoots her. Just as Klaus is about to shoot Simone, Martin arrives to save the day and shoots Klaus.

Hurrying away from the two shot survivors, they finally arrive at Simone’s house. Martin distracts the soldiers guarding it while Simone goes looking for her father’s computer. Kira watches her through the scope of her sniper rifle and gets the order to shoot but hesitates, letting her go with her Dad’s laptop. Simone is then reunited with Martin and heads back to the base where Patrick has found another strange device in a box with a skull pictured on it. As he tries it on his wrist, a blue light starts scanning it.

Sarah then goes back to see Rasmus and asks him to kill her as she can’t survive without her brother. As she goes into the room, Rasmus releases the virus again and finally sees what he is capable of. With Fie and Simone finding the answers they were looking for, we see that the laptop was being watched by Apollon and Sten who is now aware of their location. The episode ends with a close up of one of the guard’s wrist which shows the same skull than in the box Patrick found.

While this episode doesn’t do a lot to move the story forward, there’s a few tense moments and more intrigue brought to the mix which helps. Whether this season will answer all the questions its raising does remain to be seen. Much like the first season, The Rain follows the same formula this year, offering up flashbacks for the different characters, adding more depth to their story arcs. Although this episode was a bit slower, Rasmus’ new ability is certainly an interesting addition to the series and one that looks set to be an important one further down the line.


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