The Purge – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Purge Night Is Imminent

As we reach the business end of The Purge, this latest episode confirms my suspicions that the finale will be held during Purge Night. With the foundations set for a very dramatic few episodes to come, The Purge finally makes good on its premise and delivers a decent second season, with some good progression for the various different stories. While there isn’t much in the way of action or drama to get excited about this week, all of this feels geared up for the final few episodes where all hell will inevitably break loose.

A pitch meeting around the Purge masks begins this week’s episode, as we see glimpses of previous masks used in The Purge films. We’re 116 days before purge night and as we begin, we see Esme and Ryan starting their operation, finding out crucial information about several people before driving to their destination. However, they’re side-tracked en-route as Ryan receives a phone call about his Mum wandering off. After finding her at the local park and having a close encounter with the police, back at Ryan’s hideout Esme admits the truth about what happened Purge night with Tommy and apologises.

Marcus and Michelle decide to hold fire on calling the private investigator and instead head over to the neighbours in a bid to find out just what Marcus has done to make them turn on him. Clint stands up and tells him he killed his wife. It turns out that Marcus tried to save Clint’s wife with defibrillators but it failed, causing her to die. Given Marcus’ cowardice over making another doctor tell him the bad news and him not remembering who he is, the neighbourhood turned on him. However, he offers Marcus an ultimatum – leave  town by tonight and the hit may disappear, stay and they’ll make sure he dies on Purge night.

On their way out to Mississippi, Marcus picks up his son and prepares to leave but unfortunately the NFFA have a hit out meaning he’s not able to. Realizing they can’t leave him to his fate, they turn around and go back to the house, where the neighbours watch them return.

Kelen tries to leave Ben’s in the morning after discovering he’s the campus killer. However, Ben decides to drive her home instead. He senses her mood being off immediately and questions her over it. She eventually caves and admits to seeing the mask in his bag, where he talks to her about his purges. When they stop at a gas station, she writes a note for help and leaves it in the bathroom. Unfortunately Ben finds the note and confronts her over it while they’re back on the road. Eventually she runs, right into the road where she’s hit by a truck and dies in Ryan’s arms.

After all this, we fast forward to 2 days before Purge night. Esme and Ryan are romantically involved together. Marcus and Michelle prepare for their purge night while Ben watches in excitement as the gun-store prepares to sell God masks.

I’ve been pretty impressed with The Purge this season. I wasn’t a massive fan of the first season and after being completely burned out by Fear The Walking Dead, I worried this show may continue on into the same dreary slog. Thankfully The Purge is anything but a slog this season and although some of the episodes are a little slow-paced, the show itself has done well to keep things interesting throughout. With a bloody and violent finale to inevitably arrive, The Purge leaves things wide open and I can’t wait to see how this one will end.


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