The Promised Neverland – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Help Me

Episode 3 of The Promised Neverland Season 2 begins with Emma showing off pictures from the orphanage to Mujika. In fact, all the kids continue to be held up over a picture and thoughts of Norman. He’s a harsh reminder of the casualties they’ve had along the way until this point.

Well, the kids eventually press on and make it to the outskirts of the forest. Sonju and Mujika say their goodbyes, with Mujika handing over an amulet for Emma just before she goes.

Alone, Sonju admits that he didn’t want to give the kids back to the farm despite being able to live comfortably for 6 months if they did. Instead, he’s intending to let them breed outside, raising the number of humans available to eat and then having his way with them.

Back in the forest, Sonju continues to show that he’s on no one’s side, hunting demon and beheading a couple.

Meanwhile, Emma and the rest of the kids make it to their coordinates but find an empty, bleak wasteland of nothing. A desert of dirt stretches on in every direction. Thankfully, they manage to crack a password on the pen, uncovering a secret vault underground right where they’re standing.

Emma leads the way, uncovering a series of closed doors with room numbers inside. The architecture looks eerily similar to that of the farm too. Turning on the lights, they find evidence that previous escapees were there, with hot showers, electricity and a wind-up radio to name a few luxuries. There’s even a letter from Minerva welcoming them to the shelter.

As they keep searching, the kids find a hidden closet with a secret passageway heading deep into the caves. There’s tinned food and even a kitchen to cook in as well. After marveling at their good fortune, Emma brings the others above ground with the radio. There, they find a transmission reading “This is 50684, Plant One. January 20. Everything is normal. This is Plant 4, everything is normal.”

With everything looking up for the group, Emma deliberates over whether to go back or not. Before that though, Emma uses the pen to uncover a secret doorway leading down in the basement. There, a payphone hangs ominously on the wall. As the phone rings, Emma picks up and answers. “This is William Minerva,” comes the reply.

At the same time, one of the girls, Yvette, stumbles upon an open room with pen markings scrawled across the wall reading “help me.”

The Episode Review

The Promised Neverland returns this week with another compelling episode, one that deepens the mystery and leaves lots of questions hanging over exactly what’s going on. With things looking up for our kids, the eerie ending leaves lots of questions as it looks like Emma and the others may have stumbled upon a trap.

Having not read the manga I can’t say how well this one’s been adapted but the episode is essentially a slow burn right the way through to that dread-inducing finale. Could it be that this bunker was originally used as another farm of sorts? It seems to hint that this is the case but it’s still unknown how everything ties together.

I’m sure we won’t have long to find out but in the meantime, Promised Neverland bows out with another very good episode, one that leaves the door open for the rest of the season.

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