The Power – Season 1 Episode 8 “Just a Girl” Recap & Review

Just a Girl

In The Power Season 1 Episode 8, one girl posts the video of Eve’s miracle without her permission, and it inspires women and girls all over the world. This scares Allie, thinking she’ll be discovered by authorities. She confesses what she ran from to Maria, who promises to protect her.

The video of Eve makes its rounds, however. It even finds its way to Roxy, who hates to hear about a girl potentially as powerful as she is. She messages Allie to ask how she pulled off her tricks and sends her displays of her own power. Allie invites her to come to the convent and have a home with them, but Roxy only wants to flex her own powers.

A group of nuns claims they can’t stay any longer, even while a new group of girls joins the convent. Allie’s friends shun Susannah for uploading the video, but it isn’t the video that gets her into trouble.

Mrs. Montgomery televises a message to Allie, which everyone sees. Veronica goes to call Mrs. Montgomery, but Allie stops her by getting into her head with her electricity and changing the neural pathways in her brain.

Susannah yells at Allie for tricking them. Finally, Allie tells everyone her background, how her mother abandoned her when she was three and how she bounced from foster home to foster home. She killed Mr. Montgomery, and she’s not sorry. A lot of the others don’t care what she did. She baptized them and gave them a new start. They continue to call her Eve, and they welcome her home.

Later, Maria goes to find Veronica, who is changed by Eve’s powers. She claims she saw God in light. Then her eyes start to bleed. When Eve runs out, Veronica smiles and calls out for God before collapsing.

Bernie celebrates Roxy’s 18th birthday by gifting her with a third of his business–thanks to how she put the fear in that man who owed him money.

Later, Roxy talks to her mom’s former coworkers, who inform her that her mother had a boyfriend named Derek Rena, and that they had been thinking about marriage.

She then learns something else new from Ricky when he gives her 10 grand and tells her he never wanted her in his wedding. But Bernie wanted Roxy out of her mom’s house on the night of her murder.

Meanwhile, the Cleary-Lopez family deals with the aftermath of the fire. A camera comes to the house to film them as a family, which goes terribly. Matty refuses to be part of it. In his room, he uploads the footage of Ryan using his power.

Helen tells Margot that they tracked hostile statements on her social media to Jos. Margot calls Jos out on her posts, and she claims she was just upset at the time. After all, she didn’t choose to be the daughter of a public figure. There were things she asked Margot not to post, and she posted them anyway. Feeling used by her mother, she acted out. Margot hears her out and apologizes.

Rob decides that it’s time for them to spend real time together as a family, not in front of a camera. He takes them on a spontaneous camping trip.

But there, Jos sees that Ryan is all over UrbanDox because of what Matty did. Jos tries to lash out at him, but Margot stops her with her own power.

Seeing that Margot withheld her abilities from him, Rob becomes angry that she shuts him out of everything. He accuses her of only wanting power. But Margot doesn’t apologize for this. She wants power, but she still wants to change lives.

While Rob didn’t sign up for this, she convinces him she can’t pull off the campaign without him. He promises he’ll stay with her through the end. But after the election, he wants a divorce.

In Carpathia, Tunde turns in his coverage to Declan. He goes with him to meet Viktor so he can meet Tatiana. But guards take them away before he can question Tatiana much about Zoia. They found out about his negative coverage of Moskalev. So, Declan throws him under the bus and claims Tunde deceived him as well.

Viktor kicks Tatiana’s dog and talks about teaching Zoia a lesson. This is too much for Tatiana, who grabs a block and hits Viktor with it repeatedly in the head until he’s dead.

She asks to see her stylist, Solongo, in her room, hands her the murder weapon, and promises her she’ll get her brother out of jail. Tatiana then electrocutes Solongo and positions her body over Viktor’s. She then grabs her phone, makes herself cry, and claims that Solongo has killed her husband.

The Episode Review

Murder, betrayal, impending divorce–there’s a lot going on in the penultimate episode of this season! Allie’s overconfidence in her own abilities threaten those around her, but I don’t see her backing down from this coveted seat of religious authority.

Tatiana’s would-be empowering freedom from Viktor Moskalev is tainted by her distinct lack of empathy for anyone but herself. Whereas Margot’s empathy is potentially still there, was even once strong, but sees an opponent in this power that she has wanted for so long. 

Overall, I’m happy to see The Power picking up its pace with some shocking and intriguing storytelling–which only makes me more curious for what the finale has to offer.

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