The Power – Season 1 Episode 7 “Baptism” Recap & Review


In The Power Season 1 Episode 7, Roxy shows other girls how to use their powers for a price, and teaches them to weaponize their hatred.

She gives the proceeds to Terry’s mom, then waits for her dad’s decision over who gets Terry’s share in the business. Before Bernie decides, however, he wants to see Roxy and Ricky work together.

Roxy proves herself intimidating on the job, finding a man who owes Bernie money and threatening him into paying by electrocuting him.

Meanwhile, President Moskalev puts a restraint on Tatiana’s ankle, a device which alerts whenever the wearer uses electrical powers.

Later, Tatiana decides to have fun with her stylist by switching outfits with her and pretending they each have each other’s lives. The stylist eventually asks that Tatiana speak to the president about getting her brother out of jail. But Tatiana’s only response is to kiss her.

Tunde goes to Carpathia with Declan to meet with a group of women who escaped from a sex-trafficking ring. Tatiana’s sister, Zoia, emerged as their leader.

Right after Zoia gives birth, Tunde tells her he wants to cover her story. But she wants payment from him first. She’ll need him to tell her sister that she needs to pick a side in the war that’s brewing in Carpathia.

Back in the United States, Jos has to go to school with bodyguards ever since the suicide that was committed during Margot’s campaign announcement. At home, she watches Roxy’s instructional videos online and harnesses her hatred of the man who committed suicide to prompt her own powers.

She’s interrupted by Ryan standing outside her window to apologize. He lights up a heart with his own power and tells Jos that they’re on the same side. He realizes that the people who want to hurt her want to hurt him too. When they kiss, the heart goes up in sparks. From the window, Matty films it all.

At the convent, Allie catches her friend Susannah trying to break into a safe. She just wants to get her phone so she can talk to her daughter. So, Allie teaches her how to use her powers to open the safe by thinking of every bad thing that’s ever happened to her and letting it out.

A new person, Jean, arrives at a convent from Alabama. They don’t believe that Eve’s powers come from God.

Later, Veronica calls out Eve for breaking the safe. She knows Eve has lied about her identity, although she doesn’t know her real name yet–and she’s on a mission to send her back to where she belongs.

Allie’s voice tells her she can build a new faith built on real power, rather than fake miracles. The time has come for her to be the voice of a revolution.

Susannah has had it with her power, which hurt her daughter and caused their separation. She cuts into her collarbone, trying to remove her skein. The others find the bloody knife and go looking for her.

She stands on a roof ready to jump, but Allie grabs her. She promises her it gets better. Together, all the girls sit outside and talk about the hardships of growing up as girls.

The voice tells Allie to give them something to believe in. So, as another girl records, she leads them out into the water. She moves their bodies without touching them, claiming that this is their time. And it’s the world’s time to listen.

The Episode Review

The Power is starting to lag, taking a bit too much time with each storyline and making little progress in each character’s arc. Most everyone remains somewhat one dimensional, but the quick switches between points of view do some to distract from the show’s failure to flesh out its characters.

The suspense is certainly still there, however. And The Power continues to pose interesting and challenging questions. Allie’s idea of a revolution asks what a world led by women would look like. But power threatens to corrupt no matter who wields it.

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  1. Stg they should’ve put a better warning in the beginning like its a good show but they show some unnecessary stuff. Don’t eat and watch.

  2. Good show, good acting by a female lead cast I wish the would just focus one 1 per episode , disjointed…..

  3. I like this series. Especially the acting of a predominantly female cast. It is getting a littl

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